James Bond similarities and avoidances.

Not similar : To have a character every age and gender can follow.

The six characters should allow every person who sees the films or reads the books to have at least one they like.


Similar: A film every year.

The books will be written with two ahead of the films.


Similar: To have a character with a forces, special forces and secret service background .

Ross is a Soldier in the Paras, two terms with The SAS as an equipment specialist and was headhunted by MI6 doing the same job.


Not similar: No unbelievable scenes and stunts.

All stunts and effects will be humanly possible.


Not similar: Funny quips or dinner jackets.

James Bond writers are the experts here so we will not be doing it.


No: Unaffordable cars.

Cars will be ones that can be afforded by the general public with kit cars actually built by the team also.


Similar: Realistic explosions and effects to be created in house.

We will not skimp on explosives and these effects will be done under Army supervision on Army ranges.


Harry Potter similarities and avoidances.

Similar: A book every year.

Will try to carry on writing a book a year until someone else takes over.


Similar: A Harry Potter type character.

This should fill the void left by the end of the Harry Potter series.


Not similar: No magic or strange animals.

All animals will be real.


Not similar: No scary houses etc.


Not similar: Several tasks in one book instead of just one.


A Team similarities and avoidances.

Similar: Car chases.

Similar: Built cars maintained by the team.

Similar: Improvised gadgets but much higher quality.

Similar: Dealing with bad people locally and internationally.


Other activities.

Personal appearances by the team with book signings and photo sessions.

No lookalikes. All original characters.

Complete range of merchandise available but useful stuff and quality toys and dress up kits.

School talks about topics covered in the books.

Charity work and donations / visits by the main cast.

Hospital visits.

Visitor Centre appearances.


Film style differences.

All filming will be reality TV style.

No music except when played on a music making device in the film but lots of it.

No background dramatic music.

All filmed on Sony 3D HD cameras or 3D 8K cameras if they are available by then.


Bit parts.


Womans Mother and Father. Will relate to foreign families.

Get into trouble with drug gangs in book one and the team has to get them out of trouble.


Main characters Father. Relate to anyone in a nursing home.

Ross Bonds father who lost his wife and bought Primrose Cottage in Wales where The X Team operate from.

Maybe a well known actor for this one for a change. Small regular role but mainly phone voice.



Spanish Official. Ex-pats will relate to this character.

Appears in The Spanish Villa operation and is the Government official under the thumb of the local Mafia types.

Could be a well known actor someone panicky like Emmanuel from Fawlty Towers.


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The X Team. Ross Bond.

for main man.

The X Team. Taisia.

for main woman.

The X Team. Harry.

for the main boy.

The X Team. Twins.

for the main girls.

The X Team. Sakura.

for the secret weapon !