My name is Philip Petersen. I have been a watcher of action movies from an early age like most people but found myself thinking what if they had done it this way or incorporated that. When I became a pyrotecnician for Bletchley Park taking exams to supervisor level for large scale firework displays, I soon started experimenting together with a few other people now known in the film industry, and developed simulated explosions and weapon firing for our re-enactments and naturally, the firework night display. Again, I was left wondering what I could do if I had plastic explosives in large volumes and real stuff to blow up. We all do. If my books ever go to film I will stop at nothing less that these effects. I want shock waves. To aid in this I have roped in The Army, the Navy and The Royal Air Force. To do this I am going to highlight the plight of Cadet Forces these days. The one near us has three members. In my research I sat one down and went through all the things we used to do in the CCF and what they do now. I found a lethargic sorry state of affairs nailed to the ground by health and safety. See the causes section for the results.


My aim is to write 30 books, one or more a year and leaving a gap of about 2 books or two years between the book coming out and the film being shown. A cast member can only leave the family if not written into the last book.


All people, places and things in the books are roughly related to parts of my life. I am not a professional writer so my finished manuscript will be pored over by a team of pros before being released for assessment by future publishers.



Book one and two now published. On Amazon as this platform allows for updates so the buyer gets the latest versions. ALL money from the books will go directly into the film budget.

Book one is called :

The X Team One : Creation.

ISBN 9781502798992


Book two is called :

The X Team Two : The R6 Mystery. ...and then there were six ...

ISBN 9781542893671