BOOKS : There will be a book a year which will be 2 in hand so as book 1 starts filming then book 3 will get underway. A series of at least 30 books will be produced. This will be so big that we have considered a writing team. We will also be taking ideas from cast and crew, subscribers to The X Team media / fans etc.

FILMS : Films will be totally different. The method of filming, recruitment, reality, methods used etc. The catering wagon will be the same. We want a story behind every decision we make.

ANIME COMICS : We are looking into having a Japanese comic writer take on the job of The X Team comic production and distribution. This will be heavily backed up with visits by The X Team in their film guise, to the increasing amount of Anime collectors and Cosplay events all around the world.

T.V. SERIES : Not overly keen on this because it will tie up the cast all year round. A series of 10 episodes or short stories based on 3 or 4 weekly showings maybe.

OTHER : Secondary T.V. programmes / short films will be made from the vast amounts of excess footage that will be created from the filming style we are using and additional footage showing methods / fans days on the set etc.


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