I have been researching content for films for a while and when I started The X Team books about April 2012 I thought I would create the books and films together bringing the films forward as James Bond was now out on its own with the Harry Potter series coming to an end. The advantage is that I can write people in who deserve better and write in the props and property we already own. Mix this with favorite charities and places and there is a potential. I was only thinking of what I wanted upto this point. My biggest hurdle was to assess exactly what all members of the human race, from all walks of life, age and gender want to see in their favourite film. I went ahead by driving everyone mad with questions about their favourite films and where they lacked and convinced these people to E-Mail in their ideas.


Ideas taken from E-Mails already incorporated :

An adult male for the female watchers.

An adult female for the male watchers.

A girl for the boy watchers.

A boy for the girl watchers.


Old people in good roles for the OAPs.

Bigger explosions looking real. No flying cardboard !

Real recoil, reloading and realistic firing of weapons.

Vehicles used that normal people can afford.

Normal housing and buildings. No rich trappings.

Highlight problems. Local and world.

Feelgood factor. Show the good times also.

Tap into the Anime revolution happening everywhere except the U.K. !

Show terrorists, drug dealers, theives etc. being rumbled.



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