There are five characters in the first book and the second book is virtually all about The X Team acquiring a sixth member.


MAIN MAN : Ross Bond, I can hear what you are thinking. Before I tell you about him I will start with how he acquired the name. He was in a situation once where he had caused the jailing of some pretty high profile people in the underworld. He was offered a new identity and when he agreed to this had ten minutes to think of something. James Bond and Ross Kemp were his two favorite figures, James Bond for obvious reasons and Ross Kemp for his fantastic documentaries, and as he was not expecting to live long took these as his new name. He didn't fancy James as this was old sounding and regal or Kemp as there was still a few Kemps around. He was working for MI6 at the time also and though it would brighten the mood in the office but his boss just wrote it down without so much as a titter or wry smile. He had been in the Parachute Regiment Cadets at a private school who were supplied from 10 Para in Croydon, his parents had put him there as they were in the Foreign office and were in other countries most of the time. He was a storeman there and attained the rank of Colours Sergeant before leaving where he went into the Army after the loss of his Mother. He scrambled his way to 2 Para and was in Gulf 1 and 2. By Gulf 2 he had done one term with the SAS and was on the second when Basra was given back to the Iraqis. By this time he was an equipment specialist. You do not often hear about these as it means the original equipment assessors didn't choose the right kit in the first place so this role was kept quiet! He went through 22 SAS at RAF Credenhill and updated them with kit even they didn't know about and was headhunted by MI5 then 6 where he did the same job. In London at MI6 HQ he was at a loose end and thought he would be made redundant when he opted for outside operations. This involved Afghanistan where he was blown up. Here he met a camp Bastion nurse who is the next character.

We have one possibility for this character but others are welcome to apply. Must live the part, not be frightened by guns and explosions, be able to drive fast, not be unnatural in front of cameras rolling all the time. Filming based on reality TV where acting ability is replaced by being natural. Must look between 20 and 30 by January 2016 being a very rough date for filming to start.

Based on an amazing soldier I have met a few times. A tribute to the James Bond movies.


MAIN WOMAN : Taisia. Taisia is a tall thin girl who was of Russian descent. She came with her Mother and Father to England when she was nine and lived in Milton Keynes in a council flat. Her parents were Martial Arts fanatics and expected her to follow suit to the extent where she was at classes twice a week and had to exercise every day after school. She grew to be an angry teenager and would often be sent home with a note saying she had injured a group of boys. As soon as she was of age she used every excuse to get out of the house and as she was not allowed out to play as such as this resulted in broken playmates, it was generally official things. She joined the TA as the only Woman and was voted the medical officer with a 66 to 1 vote with the one vote against being hers. She outshot all comers with the SA80 rifle and would spend hours running dummy rounds through it to see where it jammed. This was then rectified with a nail file and some metal polish. Hers would fire the whole 30 rounds without jamming. She would not want to go home so was always staying behind even if it were to clean the toilets. She even went through the whole armoury and fine tuned all the other weapons also mainly because if she was late getting hers somebody would have taken it knowing it worked properly. She did tours in Afghanistan in the camp hospital and became extremely angry with the Taliban. There was one occasion where the camp came under fire, she ran out in her nurses uniform, grabbed a soldiers rifle and started shooting. When all 30 cartridges were used she jumped the barrier, ran at high speed to where a 'farmer' had just jumped on a moped, kicked him off it, found his hidden AK47 in some long grass and had to be stopped from beating him with it. She refused to treat him. Ross met her when he became one of her patients.

We have approached Russian agencies and some Facebook members but as yet character not found. Must be between 20 and 30 at start of filming roughly set for January 2016.

I used to know the exact replica of this woman.


MAIN BOY : Harry. His real name was Ondyaw Jones. I called him Harry because of his glasses, he always appeared after school wearing his uniform and no cast member could pronounce his name. He lived in Wales and went to school where he was a loner due to being interested in things mechanical and not human. There were only a few kids at the school but there is always one who has to be bully and would taunt Harry. Harry used the Welsh cottage to get away from the bullies in his village. His parents were TV watchers and didn't pay much attention whilst they snacked heavilly on the sofa. Harry would go to the Welsh Cottage where Ross Dad lived and helped him there. On the day Ross was blown up his Dad on hearing the news collapsed whilst running to his car. When Ross came back from Afghanistan he lived there and was also helped by Harry. Harry became the computer whizz and could fix or work out anything and would make things in The X Team workshop also at the Cottage. He is an Anime fan along with Taisia.

Has to be a Welsh boy with Welsh accent and has to be committed to a long term career and will be in all films. Must be about 12 when filming starts in January 2016. Ideally, living in a terraced house with parents who could play Wallace and Georgette. We are going for real life wherever possible.

My tribute to the Harry Potter movies.


MAIN GIRLS : The Twins. Susan and Sarah Hensen. Two main girls here. They were left on the steps of a caravan at Hensens' Circus and were brought up by Gladys the circus seamstress with the help of the whole circus maintenance team. We meet them at about 14 and end up at the Cottage with Gladys in her Gypsy caravan when the circus closes due to the recession. They spend most of the books doing things you would not expect like saving the lives of The X Team, charming their way to acquiring what The X Team wants and operating their blinged up General Purpose Machine Gun, suddenly appearing just at the right moment. They are mostly seen in their circus costumes but also wear camo clothing as they are Cadets at the local ACF. Harry and Taisia are Anime fanatics and make fantasy weapons in the workshop and pass their drawings of costumes to Gladys who faithfully reproduces them. The Twins are dressed up on occasions too and all go to the Cosplay conventions including Japan and the Philippines.

We have contacted a Twins agency who are keeping a lookout.

Characters based on twin girls I went to school with and fancied like mad. They were also Susan and Sarah Hensen.


MAIN ACTROID : Sakura. Sakura was built by the Japanese Government to look totally normal when infiltrating countries where she would pose as the least likely human shape to be of any threat and had the capability of rendering anything useless with a variety of weapons at her disposal which are built in. Her job was to prevent other countries nearby becoming stronger than Japan. She reportedly cost over $2Bn to build. She was lost in the Tsunami and book two is all about The X Team finding her. She was the R6 unit and there were 5 others before her and these have not been located as they were not at the laboratory on the day of the Tsunami and may cause trouble for The X Team in future books. She was named by Harry after an Anime character.

Sakura has been selected from the Philippines and will be 19 when filming for book 2 starts.

Based on the Japanese actroid robots at the technology shows in Japan that always amaze me.


Secondary Characters.

Gladys Goddard : She is the Gypsy seamstress at the Circus and was responsible for bringing up The Twins. She would be the first to be hooked up on arrival at a new venue mainly to act as tea wagon. Her caravan is a traditional Gypsy caravan. Ross and Harry meet the Circus when they do the fireworks for the opening night. When the Circus closes due to a fire and the recession she moves to the Cottage along with the Twins.

No person found for this character. Will appear in all films and books regularly and if we can find an old lady living in a Gypsy caravan then that would be ideal. We are going to keep Primrose Cottage as part of The X Team property portfolio so she can live there and live in the Cottage when we are not filming.

Based on my Grandmother of the same name. The Gypsy Bit and Caravan were based on one of my Grandmothers friends who lost her caravan to fire.


Dave : Dave was Ross' Dads' friend who was helping him with his kit car project. This was a 155 hp Yamaha R1 engined Z Cars Mini and during the books is finished and has some pretty hairy moments. Is fitted with a machine gun at some stage. Daves Daughter Kelly is Harrys crush and Dave uses every excuse to come to the Cottage because his Daughter seems to come to life when around Harry and The Team.

 The person to play Dave has been found. A real machinist and mechanic. Dave will also be in charge of the workshop at the Visitor Centre all year round and produce things to sell in the Visitor Centre and online shops as well as look after The X Team vehicles.

Dave is himself and knows who he is ! Is an Anime fan also so is going to enjoy making the weapons and playing with the vehicles.


Wallace and Georgette : Harrys parents. They are couch potatoes, always snacking, aren't interested in Harry, has no idea what he does and never do in the books. They know everything there is to know about what is on TV and the soaps. Live in a Welsh terraced house. These two should relate to couples liking the simple life.

 Would like to find a real couple living in a terraced house in Wales and even with a son who could play Harry. Harry has to look 12 around January 2016. The films will go on for 30 years so if they are about 30 ish they should make it through all 30 films.

Based on my great Uncle and Aunt who lived almost the same way.


Pablo and Denise : Denise is a neighbour of Harry a few doors down and went to Spain on holiday and brought back a real live waiter called Pablo. He trained as an Accountant and a Lawyer but still couldn't get a job so became a barman. He helps The X Team out of their paper jams.

Require a real Welsh couple to fill this casting. Must have a Welsh house which has to look lived in and the closer they fit the above the better. Filming is on a reality basis. Have to be around 25 to 30.

Based on one of my friends. Pablo would be her ideal situation !


Ross' MI6 Controller : Ross only speaks to him on the phone and occasionally meets at MI6 HQ in London.

Would like to hook up with James Bond team here and use Judy Dench sitting at the desk and one time maybe introducing Daniel Craig as James Bond or 007 to Ross standing there also. Ross could be found to be his long lost brother in an extreme case.

Based on my tribute to the years of Bond watching.


Spanish boat Captain : Ross' Dad was left a half built Spanish Villa by his brother whos wife had died of the stress of building it and when there was a land dispute he dies of stress related illnesses also. Ross has to sort it out an this is called The Spanish Villa Operation in book 1 where there is more to it than meets the eye. Ross' Uncle won the boat in a card game and used to stay on it with it still being kept by the original owner whom became his Captain. The building of a villa in Spain should rope in those who have been through it and will highlight the pitfalls.

Whoever plays the Sea Captain will live in the Spanish Villa when we are not filming and become the Sea Captain when we are using it as a set. The boat will be run by him also. Could farm this out to a person who already had a villa and boat somewhere in Spain. If this is bought X Team property it will also be available for cast and crew, employees of the X Team Visitor Centre and anyone who contributed to the books or films, to use for holidays along with the Ross Dads' Corfu apartment appearing in book 3.

Based on a Captain I used to know in Corfu. Boat based on "The Lady Mercedes" at the marina in Corfu.


Local farmer : This is the local farmer to the Cottage and is called on for the odd job.

He will have to be a real Welsh farmer and have a JCB digger and be likely to not be moving for a few years as he appears in the books at random.

Based on a Farmer local to me.


 SAS friend codenamed 'TOPGUN' : This is the SAS Instructor I used to meet on Sennybridge training area in book 1 and 2. Becomes my go between, protects The X Teams anonymity, provides The X Team transport and some military computers.

I have someone ideal for this role.

Based on someone I know who will also play the part.