Project X. NBC Detection.

Project No. PX0071.

Foreword by PX000001.

Personnel :

Project leader : Currently unavailable due to high situation code.

Scientists : Currently unavailable due to high situation code.

We now live in a different age after September 11th. The enemy no longer masses on a battlefield where we can see it. It scuttles like rats working in units or singly and worst of all the ones that we hear about are the tip of the iceberg. The biggest threats to us will be those who think their "Religion" should be the only one on the planet. When we go to London and as we are travelling down the M1 we often wonder if this will be the day. Will we be unlucky enough to be in the city when someone decides to let something off. Hence the birth of this project.

The aim :

To produce a mobile detection unit capable of filtering out the smallest amount of chosen substance from the usual town pollution.

Story so far :

Within weeks we were able to produce detectors capable of sniffing out pea size lumps of radioactive material even during and after firework night. ( Some of you may have wondered why the last Project X firework display was in September ! ) Calculations suggest that if enough material was in one place at one time i.e. nuclear weapon, dirty bomb etc. it would have to be in a sealed lead container with walls 8 ft thick ! You may notice such a device if it ever entered London. It would find the first bit of soft ground to dive into !

Biological agents have been a bit of a nightmare and aren't at the top of our list. There are ways around these. We have a detection system for these but the mobile unit has to do a "collection" on its rounds and the "collected" has to be sent away for analysis. We do not give away much here because our system is defeatable.

Explosive sniffers have been around for ages but the parts per million ratio for detection purposes has to be brought right down. This is hampered by what is in the air in our towns. During our test runs we have detected "presences" in the air that would make you move to Alaska if you knew what it could do !

The threat :

To date there are still 17 Russian "suitcase" nuclear weapons missing. These are based on the internals of the Soviet nuclear artillery shell so are obviously extremely robust and will probably have a long shelf life. Our source was an Ex-UN weapons inspector.

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