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Project No. PX0063.

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For ease of use some items will be under two sections. These will have two different stock numbers. Quote any of the two numbers when ordering. 

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Updated 19 May 17.

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Transport and Aviation Related Items.

Deactivated Weapons.

Sights, Optics and Other Weapon Mounted Items. Sub menu.

Manuals, Reference Books, Maps and Other Paperwork. Sub menu.

Weapon Specific Parts. Sub menu.

Uniforms and Clothing.

Uniform Accessories, Headgear, Gloves, Belts and Footwear.



Body Armour.

All Webbing Related Items. Sub menu.

Military Collections.


Ordnance. Missiles, Bombs, Grenades etc.

Magazines including Clamps, Loaders and Accessories.

Small Arms Ammunition.

Airsoft and Replica Guns and Accessories.

Shooting Sports, CO2, Blank, Air, Reloading Kit etc.

Gun Cleaning Kit, Bags, Cases etc.

Military Communications Items.

Military Field Kit.

Workshop and Lab Equipment.


Ammunition Boxes.

World War Two Related.

Covert, Sniping, Concealment, Binoculars etc. Black 6 unwanted items.

Badges, Stickers, Mugs, Pens and Similar Items.

Illumination. Non-Weapon Mounted Items.

Parachute Regiment Related Items.

Medical and Nuclear, Biological and Chemical.

Sharp objects. Bayonets and Knives etc.