Project X. Hands Free Rifle.

Project No. PX0030.


This is not what it actually is but what people have called it ! It is essentially a rifle attached to a soldiers forearm. The aiming can only be by laser so there will be an I.R. and a visible laser attached to the gun. The rear of the gun will be behind the wearers elbow and will take belted 5.56mm ( M249/Minimi ) ammo from a box mounted on the wearers back. A firing grip with all controls on it will be mounted on the front of the gun near wearers hand. Ammo box can be one bullet width and the size of the average wearers back so theres a potential 800 to 1000 round capacity.

In the very early stages of this project and so need ideas.

Funded from sales in our section.

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Latest ideas.

Have a digital readout on the top of the handgrip telling you how much ammunition is left. The sensor or counter sender can be mounted on the exit of the ammo box on your back.

Have a heavy or titanium barrelled gun that could take small light rounds with a special high power propellant that would allow user to hold more ammo or less weight. Even a fast burning tubular pistol powder could be used.