Project X. Gravity.

Project No. PX0029.

May 2008.

We should have had this problem sorted out ages ago but us, and quite a few other organizations, government and private have been barking up the wrong tree. Instead of trying to produce an anti-gravity wave our device just cancels all effects in its vicinity therefore eliminating the need to know what gravity is in the first place. We have suspected that mass produces gravity and a lot of atoms in one place attracts other atoms. Our system cancels this effect. Because there is no effect on the craft it is the same as being stationary in space. Our contra-rotating disc system has been joined by a contra-rotating ring system. To cut a long story short, the system produces an alternating magnetic field at a very high frequency which is also strong enough to slow down and stop electrons in a cable going backwards and forwards at 50 cycles a second as in our ordinary mains cable. On the day we get the device to spin fast enough to stop the electrons, and therefore cancel the effect of electricity in a cable is the day we are on track to cancel all other forces around it. Super high frequency alternating magnetic field may be the answer.

Breakthrough on directional control.

The suspension magnetic fields holding the discs away from the housing can be biased to tip the disc slightly on one side i.e. it will be nearer the other disc on one side. A great change in position will be effected because there is nothing excerting any forces on the whole device. This can be best demonstrated with the old gyroscope effect when it is spinning it is difficult to tilt it.

Old Text from the old website ... some of it shows you how we were going the wrong way !

Project X research into gravity has only one goal. To understand it enough to produce a repelling force. This has obvious uses and one of these is travel. We have all held two magnets against each other and felt the resistance. If gravity is based on magnetism it should be easy. I have heard this one before. If gravity is based on the number of atoms in one place i.e. mass, then this isn't so easy. If it is based on a mass rotating i.e. the Earth rotates once every 24 hours, then this becomes easier again. Take the first possibility. There are vast numbers of very large electro-magnets doing various jobs around the world and none have been reported as being lighter as the power is being turned up. Various coil configurations have been tested under supercooled conditions, also working against each other. Movement in horizontal directions is all that has been achieved. The mass rotating theory is a bit more complicated to achieve in a lab. Our apparatus consists of two titanium discs with fixed magnets on all surfaces including the edges. One set of electro-magnets inset in the housing the discs will be rotated in, serve only to hold the discs in magnetic suspension under very fine computer control. The discs are rotated by allowing the computer to switch the polarity of the magnets in a sequence thus pulling/pushing the discs into rotation. The computer "learns" the optimum switching for maximum RPM. This also allows you to "dial in" a specific RPM with great accuracy. The discs rotate against each other one going the opposite way to the other. The fixed magnets on the inner surfaces of the discs which are facing each other then produce a high frequency alternating magnetic field. To achieve the required results the maths are as follows: The weight of the Earth spinning once every 24 hours to the weight of the discs ( or the whole unit ) spinning at ? It works out to millions of RPM. We know our unit will cope with this but due to several mishaps with "spin" related experiments we are reluctant to "fire it up" unless we are far away from everywhere ! This is why Project X has suddenly taken an interest in underground bunkers ! A heavy disc breaking out of its case at 950,000 RPM took 8 hours to stop spinning and while it was finding things to stop itself on destroyed the whole ground floor of quite a big building ! Once you have your "lift" i.e. your unit weighs 0 grams, directional control is achieved by tilting the discs by putting a stronger current into the spinning electro magnets on one side only. We have all felt this effect with the resistance felt when trying to tilt a spinning gyroscope that some of us had as kids. Tremendous and instantaneous speeds and changes in direction can be achieved in this way. You may think that a human being would be turned to strawberry jam accelerating or changing direction at speed but in theory you should be able to drink a cup of tea because you are on the unit producing the gravity. This has been difficult to write because the balance of telling everyone in relation to giving away secrets has been a very fine one.


Another old section ...

March 2002... We have now found that throwing a radial magnetic field out from the unit makes it lighter. Nothing happens at all as you increase the field but there is a dramatic loss of weight as the field gets to about 20 metres from the unit. The best way of explaining it is if you had a container under water and were filling it with air you suddenly get lift. Some thanks are due here to the members of the team working through the night especially those involved in the coil winding and disc turning. And the hours waiting for the chambers to be evacuated and the discs to reach their required speed. And for volunteers roped in who had the job of holding down metal objects and catching peoples keys and coins !

A recent e-mail has suggested that Boeing has reached an advanced stage in this field.


This is a long shot but one of us came across what he now thinks to be a UFO when he was on Otterburn Ranges. It was parked and looked like something experimental. There were none of your usual flashing lights and funny noises and it was a bright sunny day. It had a square hole through the top bit which you could stand in and in fact walk right through like a corridor which was about 15 feet long. The only feature was a square block against one wall. To cut a long story short, if you sat on the block the adjacent wall came to life as a big flat screen TV. These didn't exist at this time either. By the end of the eight or so hours he was there he was able to ask a question and get an answer in his own voice backed up by a huge graphic display illustrating the answer. He found out that the unit was actually a "dumb" probe and the system telling him whatever he wanted to know was an elaborate version of the plate NASA sent out attached to the first Voyager space probe so that if anyone found it they would know a bit about us. He asked questions and got answers for hours including facts about other worlds and what we should be worried about, governments or lack of, money and other controls, even religion but the thing that caught our attention was a reference to OUR CONTRA-ROTATING DISC system. He was sitting on one and asked a question about how this thing worked and was told to go outside and place his front teeth on the outer rim ! He said he could feel a very slight humming feeling and hear it in his inner ear. The discs in the unit were spinning so fast that the sound they made were actually out of our hearing range making it silent to us. He was shown a diagram and saw this but didn't catch the layout of the fixed and electro magnets around the rim. He was told they did a number of jobs : Spin up the discs, create the desired frequency field, steer the unit and hold the discs in place. The probe was one of a number stored on a mother unit in a "cassette" launching system. The Mother unit enters the solar system eclipsed by the sun so we cannot detect it and "parks" behind a centrally placed planet. It sends probes out to all planets by spinning up the discs and releasing them from the end of the "cassette". There is no communication between the mother unit and the probes. They are fully automatic and return when all data is collected. The data collection system is another whole amazing story ! The Mother ship then exits the solar system and aligns what we think is some sort of "neutrino" burst system in the direction of the main area of inhabited planets and sends a series of bursts as a binary code. The "message" could take as long as 10000 years to send and the bursts could last years at a time. This is so that over great distances and even if the neutrinos are disbursed, the message can still be read. Remember, these are directional and unlike radio wave bursts which eminate in all directions and can be picked up from anywhere. Being directional theres not much chance of us receiving the signals. The Mother unit is also constantly reading neutrino bursts from other sources and storing the data in onboard memory. Apparently we are quite a way from the "main area" of inhabited planets as our solar system had many delays before life formed. We were visited lots by beings a while ago but now only the odd probe reaches us. This mother unit and the probes were all fully automatic with no beings present. We believe him for one reason. When it was time for the unit to go he was asked if he wanted to have a "knowledge" placed into his memory. He was told how memory works and that it was capable of extreme compressing of knowledge and went into great detail about how the memory works (another eye opening story) but was warned that it being there may overload the memory sorting system which would reveal itself as personality changes and vacantness. He was already that so said yes ! He was told that a non-visible"scanning" beam would be sent across to the other wall going through his head and that he had to be completely still with his head sideways and better still resting on one wall so that it didn't move. He remembers nothing after this except the odd minute or two like being in the B+B and driving down the A1. We have tried to get him to remember the layout of the magnetic sections of the disc system but although he has come out with some amazing stuff (some of the items are used in our ideas) he has not yet remembered this. He did change overnight and keeps saying that we are still savages in the eyes of other beings and that there are so many ways we could all be snuffed out. Apparently, we are not now worth visiting. Visitors tried to steer us in the right direction but it is now too late.


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