Project X. Fuel Cells.

Project No. PX0038.

Fuel cells have been around for a long time. The Apollo missions relied on them for electrical power. Now you can buy one for your motorhome to trickle charge the batteries. No great amperage is generated.

We purchased one of the first hydrogen generators for your car.

Run your car on water.

The theory is that if you had a container of water in the car with a pair of stainless steel electrodes submerged in the water and you pass 12v DC through the water it will produce hydrogen and oxygen bubbles which you then pipe to the intake of the engine thus providing power.

Observations so far.

Make sure the engine is started and you commence your journey and by watching an ammeter or battery condition readout make sure the battery has become fully charged before you flick the electrolysis switch.

There is an optimum configuration or plate shape to produce the maximum amount of bubbles and we have heard lots of tricks to do with this but requires experimentation.

An agitator on the unit is a must as a buildup of bubbles slows the production of gas. This could be a "windscreen wiper" type or a stirrer of some kind or something that vibrates the bubbles off. Some people have attached the cell to the top of the engine and the vibrations dislodge the bubbles.

Someone has developed a circuit which produces an optimum pulse or charge configuration to the plates that will increase production.

A solar panel of some kind aids battery charging and has been known to be wired directly to an electrolysis cell.


Governments here and abroad will try to investigate how far you have gone in your experiments. This is not to help you or give you a grant or the like. A great deal of revenue is taken from the oil industry and if this stopped overnight it would mess things up for a lot of people. Oil producing nations (OPEC countries) will try to stop you. All sorts of agencies controlled by government officials will be instructed to quietly stop you. People have been paid off. There is a chap who still drives around in a car running on mainly tap water but when he is approached will tell you he can't talk about it. Workshops have suddenly burned down. A chap in the U.S. had a "freak accident" and was killed. The fact that he had patented a hydrogen cell system may have had something to do with it. His car and all tools were destroyed by fire shortly after. One company big enough to have shares on the Stock Markets developed a water based system and the shares were slowly bought out by another company who would have lost revenue if this idea had been allowed to proceed and although a big fuss was made by the new owners and they said they were going to throw everything at this new idea, it was slowly allowed to fade into the increasingly big "idea scrapyards" in the sky. Did you know a major petroleum company makes solar panels ? You can guarantee they will not improve the efficiency and will plod along selling inefficient panels all the while they can get oil out of the ground cheaply. On one website there is lots of talk about how they are "dedicated" to solar and wind but do you ever hear about any breakthroughs ?


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