Project X. DNA Research.

Project No. PX0022.

How we are advancing in this field.

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A huge hole in the world of Gene therapy has opened due to the completion of the mapping of human DNA.

The four personnel above have the job of digging out and sorting the things most required in the world of medicine.

These are some examples :

Simple treatment of Cancer.

Elimination of the threat of Cancer from those who have it running in the family.

The switching back on of those systems in the body that shut down early due to "thinking" we should have been dead by now. 100 years ago the life expectancy was about 33. Every cell in the body has the ability to replace itself as new and die when damage has been sustained.

The shutting off of the ageing genes. These were required in the evolving process but are not really required now as we do not have to "stay ahead of the competition".

Hair regrowth any colour you like.

Nerve regrowth and renewal.

Limb regrowth using your own body.

Tooth regrowth.

Human Growth Hormone production brought back up to your peak level. This will increase muscle capacity, reduce excess fat and a myriad of other things.

Other possibilities not out of the question :

Creation of "workers" to carry out single tasks.

The growing of a new Male or Female body using your own D.N.A. for the transfer of your brain.


It is well known that our cells, DNA etc. are being attacked from all sides. Various particles and radiation from space some travelling at high speeds, are "shooting" us at a microscopic level. Then we are adding chemicals to our diet that we were not evolved to deal with and were not around 300-400 years ago. Then we are breathing stuff that we were not evolved around. And so it goes on. Our bodies eventually but slowly deteriorate to where something gives = DEATH.

Lots of sections of our current DNA are no longer needed. The best example is a young fetus growing gills ! Don't worry, these soon disappear. This is an obvious throwback and proves we all crawled from some muddy lake many years ago.

Our current DNA is 99% the same in every human around the world. In fact a global event around 17000 years ago restricted humans to a very small part of the world. Someone mentioned it was Africa. If it was Africa all you racists out there are in for a shock because we all originated from the same place. We all originated from this one small pocket and therefore our DNA holds the same DNA from this area and period.

I'm not sure where this came from but someone mentioned that if we gathered information of what people ate a few thousand years ago which was mainly fruit, vegetables, nuts and berries, and drank melted ice that froze thousands of years ago we would live to a ripe old age in our current cosy living conditions. We recon that if you added a sealed environment which had protection from solar radiation coming in day and night and had an air purification system taking out mainly pollutants etc. this would help also. It would help even if you only spent your sleeping hours protected.

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