Project X. Car GPS.

Project No. PX0065.

There are quite a few stages to this Project.

 Read on as this is not your usual car GPS unit !


Stage one : Is to fit one of our "black boxes" to a vehicle which then knows where it is on the globe to within a square metre. It has all the usual features of a current car GPS unit including voice instruction and moving map.


Stage two : Is an automatic adjuster built in which accurizes the unit at every opportunity. This is new to GPS technology and works via ground based sensors. This may not be required as GPS in general is becoming a lot more accurate to even less than a square metre !


Stage three : Is an inertia based system which cuts in when there are no satellites in contact. Technology currently in use in armoured vehicles such as the AS90 SPG. This may not be required as now it is possible to track multiple satellites from one GPS unit !


Stage four : This is the transmitting part of the system. It contacts every other "black box" in its range transmitting information about the position of the vehicle. This utilizes a form of mobile phone technology or now something similar to Bluetooth.


Stage five : This is the recorder. The "black box" will record where you have been and allow your government to bill you for actual miles covered. This avoids people being charged the same as high mileage owners even if they only do a few miles. This also allows private companies who have built a road to get paid for its use. Tolls for use of bridges can be paid via this method too. Does away with vehicle tax.


Stage six : This is the police computer interface. Police will be able to track stolen vehicles with the greatest of ease without dangerous chases and should deter the vehicle thief from ever taking it in the first place. Solves countless other crimes where a vehicle may be used.


From here on the project assumes every moving vehicle has a "black box ".


Stage seven : The moving map shows cars in your vicinity on the map too. This allows you to have advance warning of cars ahead especially on bends or in fog.


Stage eight : This is the avoidance system. The "black box" can now actuate brakes and accelerator. Because all vehicles on a stretch of road know to within a square metre where other vehicles are it is possible to give various verbal warnings like being too close. If you are approaching a junction or roundabout or another vehicle and are not within your preset parameters the brakes will come on.


The next stages take the computing away from the car itself and centralize the system nationally.


Stage nine : This is the total control aspect. The system now has control of the steering too. You have told your "black box" where you want to go and you have fallen asleep in the back. The system will drive your car at the optimum speed, economy and smoothness to your destination. Much higher speeds can be obtained due to the removal of the slowness of the human brain. If your engine were to fail the GPS will steer the car out of the way and cars nearby will be slowed by their own GPS units because they will know the position of the slowing car. Forward looking radar similar to parking radar will be looking out for obstacles in the road i.e. fallen trees, blown dustbins etc. and will transmit their position to all other cars coming into the area.

Stage ten : Removal of all signs, lighting, road markings, speed cameras, barriers etc.

The downside.

This will wipe out the car insurance and car body shop business overnight. It will wipe out all revenue from motoring offences.


Funded from sales in our section.