Project X. Personal Audio Visual.

Project No. PX0067.

Project overview.

This ones for all the future Cyborgs out there. A kitted out person will have a sound insert in each ear and a microphone in the throat. At the moment the units for the ear are push in. This is not ideal because the normal hearing of outside sounds is slightly reduced. A new unit will allow outside sounds to be picked up, processed, even recorded and then played at a level suited to the individual. This allows loud sounds that would normally damage the ear to be softened. The throat unit picks up speech and commands for the control unit kept in the pocket. No connecting wires to get in the way as the whole system is low energy wireless i.e. Bluetooth. All household A.V. systems like T.V. and stereo will be picked up and played in the ear in any room. No speakers or costly wiring jobs. When away from home the control unit has a vast memory for the playback of MP3 files. This eliminates walkmans or car stereos. The control unit is also a mobile phone which is voice controlled via the throat insert. You say the name of the person you want to phone in a slightly different pre set voice and the phone rings the person selected. Music, talking books G.P.S. route instructions all come down the always on mobile connection and are talked back to you from source or from the memory in the control unit. A T.V. screen has been created that will be a sticker on your arm. This will eventually be linked in to your control box. An eye insert based on a contact lens and using lasers is on the horizon. This will project a very high resolution picture straight onto the retina. This has all the potential of being better than normal sight as the more lasers you use the deeper the 3 D image will be. Intensity control will mean your retina will always receive the optimum amount of light. When not in use the lens goes clear and normal sight returns although any bright light will be filtered out. Night vision has not been left out although at the moment it means removing the control unit from your pocket and aiming the camera aperture the way you want to go.

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