Project X. Atomtrak.

Project No. PX0032.


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This "computer" has the ability to give the user the knowledge of what has happened in the past as far back as the formation of this earth and has the potential to calculate in detail what will happen in the future.

I can hear you muttering obscenities etc. but you will be surprised just how simple this is.

The computer has four parts.

The first stage memory which consists of a few gigabytes and is held on standard RAM . This holds information about each type of molecule and about how they behave with one another. Nothing new here as this has been common knowledge for a while.

The second stage is a larger memory bank holding information about quantities of atoms forming the target planet. This is able to eliminate large chunks of the same element from the final calculation as really we only want information about what is on the surface.

The third stage is the processing area. This is colossal by todays standards as its job is to predict the tracks of individual atoms in their lifetimes. As the computer begins to "find out" where each atom has been and the other atoms it reacted with the whole process starts to accelerate on itself. Its best described as a roomful of people all telling every other person their life stories !

The fourth stage is the audio visual processor. This turns the information found out at stage three into something you can look at and hear. You will not actually be there but will have full control where you go and in what era, past or present.

For example tracking atoms back to a certain date and place will give you a picture on the screen of what was happening at that place at precisely that time. Tracking to the future is easy also as all you have to do is predict the track of atoms into the future as the computer knows exactly how each atom is going to react with the atoms near it.

The applications are obviously endless. It will wipe out crime overnight, let us know what will happen if we change something happening now, predict disasters, and potentially track forward to the end of the earth.

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