Project X. Anti-matter.

Project No. PX0069.


Scientists : Currently restricted due to high situation code.



Originally designed as a method of destroying incoming asteroids etc. it has developed into several different areas of defence. The original device designed would be released by a Space Shuttle type cargo carrier and vectored into the path of the threat. This would then "explode" milliseconds before impact into a cloud of anti-matter. The ant-matter would have no matter to combine with so should stay anti-matter until the asteroid hits the cloud whereby it would be destroyed or its weight decreased.



Springoffs from this are weapons, waste removal, medical applications and anywhere where the removal of matter is required.



The device would be capable of leaving a clean hole in anything it hit. A device detonated at a distance would leave pin hole sized holes in everything within a large area rendering everything useless.



A vehicle mounted device could make large areas it was aimed at just disappear silently. As large power sources are required for anti-particle production we are developing a power supply that produces a very high power electrical pulse for only a few nano-seconds which is enough time to produce a small amount of anti-particles which will do the same job as our other devices but on a smaller scale.



This is way off at the moment but not impossible. It will enable a rifle sized device to shoot a beam of anti-matter which will cover the distances of current rifles but with no sound and a variable destructive result. Also the beam could be focused wide to produce a shower of anti-matter leaving microscopic holes in everything within a large area rendering weapons, radios, vehicles inoperative but leaving treatable if not just slightly irritating rashes on living beings. Multiple beams can be created and allocated their own target simultaneously.



A small probe able to remove tissue without leaving residue could be developed. It could be programmed to be tissue specific. Only the matter hit by the corresponding anti-matter would disappear.



By producing the same anti-matter particle one can eliminate the corresponding matter in milliseconds. All types of waste could be removed.

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