Political party ? No.

It has no leader, no cabinet, no MPs and is almost what it says .... A party (as in birthday party, fun night out etc) for the whole world.

It works on common sense and leads us to a point where we have mostly fun and leisure and very little work.

It does not need money, the country system (although the country names will remain for historical purposes) or Religion (Religion will be kept but in Centre of Excellences related to the type of Religion and not forced on the people.) as you will see in the near future, Religion is the biggest cause of conflict.

As you will see, a world without money is incredibly simple and the only reason for its existence now is so that the rich can stay rich with systems in place to make sure most of the money is up their end of the scale. Do away with it and we all suddenly become equal. The people stopping this system do not want that.

We are at a point where there is no more money to be gleaned from the world. It is said that just a few families own nearly everything and have systems in place to extract the rest so we will be under complete control.

You will see the results of stopping their income on 4th of April 2020 when a Financial Reset by the people stop the flow of interest and loan payments. On this day, all manner of evil people will show their faces i.e. The Rothschilds. Along with this family and a few others they have hoovered up most of the cash and are now worth 600 TRILLION. There is no need for this amount of cash and it is just a greed thing where they have left their systems in place and running (example is interest rates at many times the base rate) just to keep the cash rolling in.

See here ...

The Reset is the first step.

The World Party is all of us. The "Parliament" is online.

Example : If you have taken a course in housing, (most MPs specialising in a subject are in the job because of a right place, right time scenario and not because they know something about it. The only thing they KNOW is the friend that got them the job!) your mobile device will show you jobs to do related to your course. You accept the jobs and go and do them putting photos and video on the system as you go. The person you did the job for passes it and tells the system. As you become experienced and the system sees you are acheiving good results you will be allowed to join the housing section of the "Government" website IF you want to. Here, you can debate and put in ideas etc. where the best things for the people are made "law" or adopted. Voting is continuous and rogue "MPs" can be voted back down the ranks to the entry point and out. Consistently good ideas will vote you up the levels and eventually to a point where you and your fellow top people can change the "Law" with a vote by all in that subject "conmmittee". There will be subject sections and these will not interfere with each other unless it is required. i.e. Housing and land. Nobody will be able to join a subject group unless they have had great experience. This will give old "veterans" of a subject something to do at home. The whole "Parliament" will be run from peoples mobile devices. At the moment the stupid Government is trying to do everything with people who know nothing.

The whole world idea is to get the unemployment levels UP not down. The reason why Governments want unemployment DOWN is to get in more taxes and make their life better. The idea is to get our surroundings perfect, using the best materials in the first place so as to generate LESS jobs so we have MORE time to do what we want and not what someone else wants.


The World Party will :

Make everyone their own boss and self-employed IF you want to work.

Provide all babies born with a mobile device where their genetic code will be entered as a number.

This will be given to the parents / parent for the first years of their lives and all medical / other data entered.

The childs school work and exam information will all be entered on the same mobile device.

The human of a certain age will get an abode, method of transport, free food and drink and access to all mobile device based audio / visual entertainment will appear as and when the holder reaches the right age.

All Humans will not be burdened with any form of money based system cutting out all the crap that comes with it :

No Mortgage, no child going without, no rent, no loans, no such thing as insurance, no Pension problems, no medical bills, no interest, no budgeting, free basic food, free music, free TV and Video, order anything, eat out for every meal .... you think of the things that we would not have to worry about after the abolition of money.

SO .... what is the system of regulation ?


Food regulation : All our usual food items we get at the supermarket will be free. You walk in and get it. You will not be greedy because you can't sell the items as there is no money and you can always go in and get another when you need the item again. If you are taking 20 bars of chocolate a day then you will be stopped probably by the people monitoring the supermarket. The Supermarket will be supplied by anyone with a hobby making that product with their "payment" being a move closer to going to their chosen Centre of Excellence. We see it now with cheeses and other home made items. There will not be any prize idiots offering farmers silly low prices for your milk etc. If you provide items for a Supermarket and your goods are registered as bought, then you become eligible to go to your Centre of Excellence quicker. This could be a night club centre or holiday etc.

See the food system in greater detail here ...


You may find the fact that your mobile device knows EVERYTHING about you a bit of a privacy violation ! There are no Humans running the system and the system itself will alert you to a problem which you can sort yourself in the first instance. No money can be made from trying to hack your phone as there isn't any. The data on your phone is stored in a cloud made up of 20% of the memory of every single phone on the planet. Hacking one phone may get you one Byte of information from the data of 20000 world inhabitants.

Remember : Most crime happens because of money.


The "policy" of the World Party.

Free shelter, food, education, transport and entertainment.

You were born on this planet. You didn't choose it so you must have the basic worldly things free. You earned it by being born.

Dump the entire money system including the banks etc.

This eliminates everything nasty. Insurance, interest, debt, struggling to keep the household going, not being able to afford good things, theft is eliminated because you can just log the need on the mobile shopping app and whatever you would have pinched when in the old money system will be delivered. No adverts, no cold calling, no need to manufacture and sell items just to keep the business open, it no longer matters if your job was taken over by a robot, no tax to pay and all the other things that make us angry like minimum wage, having to negotiate for a wage rise, pensions and retiring, everything is gone.


The Nuclear Deterrent will change.

The probe says we will need nuclear weapons to deflect asteroids. No planet has ever survived who has managed to completely eliminate nuclear weapons that is if they had invented them by the time the threat arrives in the first place. We are lucky, we have been hit by a few asteroids which has changed the face of the planet but not recently enough to inhibit the development of mankind into thinking beings. This has only happened about 250 times since our big bang and only once on this planet. Some have been wiped out a few times and have regrown into thinking beings later.

A number of small nuclear weapons will be covertly placed in every capital city around the world. Any attack on another nation will cause a detonation in the FINAL instance. That is after all other attempts at peace are exhausted. This will be a temporary measure because after the country system is eradicated you will not need armed forces let alone nuclear weapons.

Why have a rocket based nuclear weapon ? I never understood this. Think of all the things that could go wrong. A stored device suddenly brought to life is more likely to fail and if it did get off the ground, it could be shot down or not detonate. So many things to go wrong and a complete waste of money in all the systems used to even get the device there in the first place. Just plant bombs where you think the problem is going to come from. Advertise the fact and anyone planning to assault another country risks being blown back to the stone age.



We HAVE to get the maximum people out of work so they can enjoy themselves. In our world system, food, shelter, transport and entertainment are free so if you wanted you could spend your entire life wandering the planet without a care in the world.



You live with your parents until you are 16 to 18 or however long you want then place on your mobile the need for a house or flat. State where you want to live. You will be given the space where you then look at decoration, furniture etc. Once you have decided on this you let the need be known on the mobile and peole turn up and create your dream space. At the same time you get the buggy for your transport on the tube system in the "garage" along side your home. You may already have one because you applied for it at an earlier age. Once you can operate your mobile then you can operate your buggy as its control is via a map system and there are no controls actually on the buggy.



This is via the tube system, will be high speed and fully automatic. The entire network is underground. Each buggy will be for one person and have some storage space for transport of goods. It will be air operated in the tunnel system. You show where you want to go on your mobile (today, it is like a Google Earth system) and the system will take the buggy to that place. Speed will be in the thousands of MPH / KPH on the straight sections which will go around the world.



All Education is done on the mobile device, the big screen where you are living (Todays 4k 55" will do) and The Centres of Excellence for the subject. There is no fixed start date (the earlier the better as most learning is easy as the brain goes into a survival type mode to claw in as much information as possible because before, not knowing something or not honing your expertise could lead to death. At a certain age, you choose your profession and do the course for that also using The Centres of Excellence and going on the job with people already in the chosen profession. On passing, you will have access to the jobs that have been placed on the system by people requiring your skill. You go and do these jobs and put the evidence on the system using your mobile. Photos, video and a narrative of the job. It will be checked by the person wanting the job done and will remain on the system forever where people will still be able to rate it. These willl only be people in that profession and ones who used to do the job but are now unable, old etc. You then get closer to going to the leisure centre of your choice be it a Holiday abroad, hobby, club, spa, French food centre etc. There is not an actual value put to this because the value is fluid. If all jobs are done in your allocated area the system fast forwards everyone to their Centre of Excellence.


The Centre of Excellence System.

This can be based on interest, holiday, sport, trade and health.

The health Centres of Excellence are open to all at any time. If you feel unwell, register it on the mobile, it will be assessed by reception personel who will tell you what to do or take and alert the more specialised personell for that ailment. If you have to go in then the Centre of Excellence for that ailment will be ready for you. Because money is now no object you will not be killed because the drugs are too expensive. The drug companies now playing with our lives are eliminated as there is no money.

The Centre of Excellence is just that. It will have the best of everything in that subject and have a hotel and restaurants so your stay will be comfortable. The more work you do the longer you stay and you will be able to use this method to determine how long you wish to be away for. Road systems in place now will be kept for The Car Centres of Excellence which will come under Historic interest etc. A Centre of Excellence for Rolls Royce will be at the original factory etc.



This will be done for all products on a point of requirement basis. If someone wants a new panel for their abode then it is made on the spot. The peole involved in the manufacture then get "paid" by the fact that they are closer to getting to their Centre of Excellence. The plant then making the item gets new materials, only the best because there is no money to limit the quality, from the material providers and THEY then get to go to their Centre of Excellence sooner. If all goods have been provided and nothing is outstanding, all get fast forwarded to then go wherever they have registered an interest to go. All workers are self-employed and do not have to work if they are content sitting at home watching TV, travelling in their Buggy (all natural and man made wonders of the world should be visited by all those born without the burden of money or payment of any kind.), exploring the surface of their planet which will be completely landscaped and danger free.