Project X. Stingo.

1000 Series.

Part of project No. PX0073.

After watching Afghan and Iraqi war footage we have come up with some devices that could save lives. Looking at the lines of coffins the way forwards is most certainly unmanned or at least, not in the fire fight !



This is a static unit placed by troops or helicopter which allows an area to be observed without the operator being in the vicinity. The unit will also hold a specially built sniping weapon with a high capacity magazine. Since there is no weight issue with the system the largest unit in the series will have a very large multi chambered silencer silencing a 200/300 shot semi-auto long barreled weapon. The supersonic issue is being worked on and the idea is to produce a subsonic heavy round capable of 3 km range but will obviously have a substantial bullet drop. This will be overcome by the use of an on-board computer computing wind calculations and bullet drop at selected range using wind speed and direction calculations provided by the sensors outside the unit and because there is no wobbling human holding the gun a very accurate shot should be able to be made with little or no sound likened to an expensive car door closing. Other features will be an explosive anti-tamper system which will destroy the unit and the finder ! The unit will be trailer mounted and can operate on or off the trailer. Another idea is to have a L8 GPMG mounted in the unit looking the same way as the rifle and camera to maximize survivability should the unit be compromised. Will be cable and / or radio operated. One feature we wish to build in is a two core wire system where the transmitter can be backed up with a link using standard D10 type telephone cable ! There will be an automatic system which transfers the signals to each mode if one goes down with a preference on the wired system so as to limit detectable radio traffic. A satellite link is also possible allowing the unit to be operated from a Barracks in this country by a trained civilian !

Ideas sent to us.

A "crawler" system so that the unit could relocate without outside assistance !

 A second weapon cocking system should be incorporated in case of jams etc.

Solar panels for extended field use.

Much larger magazine than 300 rds.

A third silenced pistol type function for dispatching single persons so as not to alert others nearby of the units location.

Make it bulletproof, fireproof and sealed against all liquids to extend survivability against enemy personnel pouring flammable liquids in through cracks etc. if they were to get that close !

Loops for easy addition of surrounding natural foliage.

Lightning conductor if placed on high ground !

Link up to network of highly trained and checked civilians whereas the highest scorers on an internet based simulator would be allocated a real unit ! This saves training, wages, accommodation, food, recruitment etc.etc.

Note : Unit does not get "Trench Foot".


A control system that a normal semi-auto rifle can be mounted on that contains a modified night vision sight. The modification allows the sight to locate the flash from a muzzle, send the information to an onboard computer that aims the gun and fires one round within seconds of shot detection. The same system could alert troops of shot location using a camera and monitor system the camera being attached to the sight.

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