Project X. The S.F.Cafe.

Project No. PX0025.

A Part of the Project X Services group.

A drop in place for personnel.

This is a place for known PROJECT X numbered personnel to drop in, have a cup of tea army style in a big mug, look at the kit and purchase souvenir items relating to The Parachute Regiment, S.A.S. and 42 Commando etc. Other visitors have been RAF MOD Police ( Invited by us ! ), the local Firearms Liason Officer, 22 SAS training personnel, 18 Bravo and a local Parliamentary Candadate. Sorry, no fancy cooking here but you can buy rations and cook them at your table. The tea is in a big urn and if you come in the afternoon you can guarantee a great stewed mug of almost copper coloured tea. No Bromide here either.