Project X. Range Management.

Project No. PX0005.


This is at the design stage at the moment but will enable anyone to shoot and own any type of gun. The idea is to build from scratch a shooting centre with restaurant, hotel, bar and other activities for wives and kids while the shooter enters a high security area which will be guarded 24 hours a day and will almost work along the lines of prison security system. Past this there will be gun shops and all related items for sale. There will then be an area of tables with lockers all round where the shooter will be able to get his gun from the cabinet rented by him and tinker with it and clean it etc. for as long as he likes then take it to the shooting point which will be within the security area. He or she will then shoot at automatically placed targets set by a target machine which will have a variety of targets loaded and prints the required target off a roll of blank paper. State of the art T.V. cameras will relay a closeup of the target to a screen next to the shooter. The gun never leaves the security area from the day it enters the shop to the day it is scrapped. Fully auto weapons or dangerous weapons can be allowed into an area where only one shooter at a time is allowed. The ammunition is delivered to the firing point so the shooter cannot fire the gun on purpose or by accident on the way to the firing point. In fact you could have a complete lockdown system where a guard watching via CCTV unlocks and relocks doors remotely as the shooter goes to and comes from the range firing point. After shooting the shooter has the gun cleared, drops any unused ammo and all spent cases (which must add up to the total number of rounds bought), cleans the gun in the locker hall and puts it back in the cabinet. He then asks to be let out which will again be remotely activated doors and will involve a search and a walk through an airport style metal detector but because he will be staying in the hotel or have his or her family with him he can leave coat and everything with them and just wear a t-shirt. This will have a number of effects on different people. The government will avoid a U Turn as it is fast being realized that the pistol ban didn't have any effect on gun crime and soon the 55000 innocent shooters who suffered the effects of one mans insanity (not picked up by the Police) will realize this and start asking questions. The taxpayer paid a fortune to implement the ban and to give you some idea a friend of mine on being told he would be paid compensation on each pistol he handed in and on realizing this was far less than he paid, on hearing he would be paid a small amount for each gun related object he owned and handed in with the pistol, he went and bought boxes of ex-army slings and holsters and the like all of which paid him back 5 times what he paid out. He received a cheque for close to 250000 GBP. Some say the ban cost the taxpayer 2 Billion GBP or 11 Hospitals. The embarrassment will be avoided. The Home office will not have the paperwork related to licence holders, type of gun etc. and will only have to administer a few ranges with inspections etc. The public will benefit the most. Due to us being around guns at shows etc we have noticed a vast increase in interest in the guns from the Dads and kids. Whereas nearly everyone knew someone who had a pistol or had fired one in a club before they didn't take much notice. We have noticed that if we get a new shooter in the Swiss club they are really excited and say they have been a fan of said gun all their lives. When you put them on the range and give them 500 rounds it is very rare for them to get past 200 rounds. This is because they fast realize that it isn't really the same as what they have seen on the T.V. or cinema, it starts to hurt and is loud and smelly. You may see about 10% of these first time shooters again. What has happened is that they have got it out of their system. Cadets and National service personnel are rarely interested in shooting after they left the service although they do get excited if they see their type of weapon they used whilst in service. With todays gangs etc it has now become a status symbol and in some areas a necessity to survival even though they hardly ever fire them. Status symbols are only created by something being rare and expensive. Get these young boys in for a day at the range to get it out of their system. Usually peoples ideas are changed on their first shot. After 50 shots it starts to get boring. If they like it they can come back and the public will be safe because the gun never leaves the site. A range of rentable guns will be there for people who don't want to buy one. I could never understand why the Home Office never thought of this. Someone said it was because there would be lots of guns in one place and therefore a target for terrorists or criminals. I don't see any army bases ever getting raided. Security at these ranges would be much better than at army bases anyway. Any thought or ideas which would help use the e-mail button below.



Range 1. UK. Bisley.

Range 2. UK. Fingeringhoe.

Range 3. UK. Salisbury Plain.

Range 4. Otterburn.

Range 5. UK. Radnor.

Range 6. UK. Sennybridge.

Range 7. Belgium. Location P.M.

Range 8. Switzerland. Location PX0000.

Range 9. U.K. Pendine.

Range 10. U.K. P.S.C. Range 1. Indoor.

Range 11. U.K. P.S.C. Range 2. 25 metre.

Range 12. U.K. P.S.C. Range 3. 50 metre.

Range 13. U.K. P.S.C. Range 4. 100 metre.

Range 14. U.K. Location PX0044. Range 1. Semi-covered.

Range 15. U.K. Location PX 0044. Range 2. Indoor.

More on these soon.