Project X. World System.

Project No. PX0076.

One of our associates, whilst on Otterburn Ranges came across a strange device he has never seen before. Over the last 13 years of knowing this person, we have extracted roughly the story following :

His first impression was that it was a water tank. The "tank" had an information system on it based on a big screen TV. If you asked a question it gave you an answer which switched our man to thinking it was a battlefield control centre. Our man recons he was there for between 6 to 8 hours in which time nobody else appeared and there was no movement which ruled out the UFO theory in his head. This was of a time when science assumed we are the only people on a planet in the universe and we were created by a "God". As of 2010 we all know this is now rubbish. "Gods" were created by people slightly more intelligent than their neighbours, wanting to control large numbers of people by fear. They created rules to suit them then stated that if these rules were not followed the rule breaker would go to somewhere called hell. The Hubble telescope in space has ruled out the fact that we are the only planet inhabited by finding billions of planets capable of sustaining life.

Our friend is "old school" where he went to church as a lad, will be called "Mad" if he mentions the fact he came across a probe from another part of the universe or will lose his job although he did not witness any creatures or craft doing impossible aerobatics, some of the things he has come out with have been eye opening :

He was telling us about mobile devices while we were all holding massive mobile phones that only worked on the M1 motorway. He stated that you would be able to do anything on them soon. This has come about prompting him to tell you what they are going to do next in the book. The probe he witnessed was in contact with its Mothership which had sent a probe to each planet on this visit, when they had taken data from their target planets they then go back to this mothership in orbit on the opposite side of the sun to a prospective inhabited planet i.e. us. This had several reasons. Some planets in other parts of the galaxy have automatic defence systems which still worked long after the builders had died out and the obvious one which was not to disrupt a planets population by conducting its work in as lower key as possible which is another reason why the probe allocated to a possible inhabited planet finds somewhere to land where there are no people. All probes had a system on board which would allow possible inhabitants to access if they had reached that level of cleverness. We did this with the Voyager spacecraft by placing a plaque on the side depicting humans and other mathematical symbols to try to make a potential viewer from another planet think we were clever.

These plaques have been sent out on several Voyager spacecraft.

The screen on our mans probe was an updated version of this plaque. The intelligence behind the screen had prior knowledge of us and although had not been here before, got its information from an information "pool" constantly added to by exploration like this probe was involved in. On trips between solar systems, the mothership sends all information gleaned in the direction of the central distribution point although it will send the same info to other known ships by calculating where they are going to be at the point the burst of information passes their path.

Back to the stuff relevant to us here. An intelligent individual on this planet already has an idea of what is going on here. The 250 odd intelligent planets registered on the information sharing system the probe knew about did not have a country system or money. These two items alone have destroyed all planets that tried to stick with them. According to our man, the probe was constantly using examples from other planets demise. To cut a long story short, if there are two men on a planet each sharing half of it and one has something the other wants, he will try to get it. If it is worth something, he will increase his efforts 10 times. As we all know we all came from Africa where after a global event, there were about 400 humans left. Some say 2000. This splitting up of the world into countries was probably the biggest mistake a planet can make. The general rule of survival is as soon as a planets inhabitant is born and until the day he / she dies, should be allowed anywhere on the planet. That inhabitant is also allowed food and water free for the duration of his life. Listening to our man talking about how this system operates has given us an insight into what is going on here which is a system solely designed to keep the rich in the money by pulling the wool over the eyes of the population. If this system we are in is allowed to continue it will eventually self destruct anyway. You just can't possibly have enough money in a system to make everyone even comfortable. You work 40 hours a week for 40 years making other people rich then spend 40 years trying to live on a third of what you struggled to live on before.

We could talk about this forever so heres an insight into how a being on a planet with similar beings to ourselves live on their planet. Although we say they are similar to us the planet talked about is not. It is much bigger and the only inhabitable bit of the planet is a band around the middle at 90 degrees to their light source. Wandering into the light side of their planet the temperature increases and into the dark side is too cold. Their water comes from ice on the cold side which is pure as it has not ever been used. Here we are polluting all ours including the sea. Heat is taken from deep in the light side. The radiation from their light source is slightly higher than ours which forced them all underground about 100,000 years ago although they come to the surface which has all been turned back to green vegetation also growing food, the old surface buildings and other structures have been restored as a massive "museum" of their past.

Life : When they are born, they also are brought up by their parents and at a fixed age are placed on a global "singles" system. This takes a huge amount of information depicting exactly the person the newly eligible person wants. This ensures all people of the planet get the maximum number of eligible inhabitants, most inhabitants are only a few of the planets "years" difference in age, takes in all aspects of the inhabitants life such as hobbies and interests as well as all points the inhabitants find attractive in a partner. The planets transport system runs around the globe, is underground and can travel at high speed. Each inhabitant has a "buggy" to themselves with no moving parts, and because you are only in it a short time, has no entertainment or place for another inhabitant. The inhabitants destination is input into the inhabitants device and the central system picks this up and the buggy is automatically fed through the system at maximum speed. You may have noticed, we took this idea for our transport system on the research list on this website.

An inhabitant gets an abode, free food and drink and is not forced into work.

The "school" system teaches basic interaction with other inhabitants first. Then how to use a personal device i.e. typing so language, reading and writing, there is no Geography, history, religion etc taught as these are considered "hobby" topics and can be learned at any time in an inhabitants lifetime. Young inhabitants are not herded together in one building. This causes diseases to spread, ( we get everything our children bring home ) bad habits to spread ( we have swearing, fighting etc. ) and like the inhabitants of this planet, as soon as a global network was established, transferred all learning to a home based system. We know a lot of home schooled children here and they have all turned out to be superior to their schooled counterparts. They say that here on Earth, if you get to a school at all ! The average pupil concentrates for 10 mins a day. On our subject planet, when a child learns something he is allowed to choose a place to go or "toy" to play with. All good things seem to be centralized at their own centre for that subject. In our World Sytem, using information from our man, we have called these Centres of Excellence. The child will be allocated a destination of his / her choice as an when they pass a certain point in their work. They then are allowed to go here where all the best items in their choice subject are available and they stay there in accommodation areas. A working person has passed exams by studying at home and by going to practical teaching periods at the centre of excellence for their subject where they are then placed on the system for jobs of their subject accessed by their mobile device. They agree to a job, go and do it, get rated by the person they are doing the job for and "retired" peole from that subject sitting at home watching via their mobile device what has been done in the job. When the job is passed the person who did the job then becomes eligible to go to their chosen centre of excellence. How would this work here ? Say you have qualified as a Doctor and jobs are now appearing on your iPhone listed as nearest or most important first and your hobby is driving Ferraris. You go there, do your job which is then rated by the person you have seen whereby you are then eligible for a visit to your local Ferrari centre. Here we still have surface roads so the Doctor will want his own Ferrari. At our target planet, the roads were returned to vegetation many years previously except for those roads at the old type transport centres. A centre of excellence will have every Ferrari ever made, the original factory laid out as a working museum, Ferrari experts as permanent residents, a road network for you to drive normally, replicas of historic race tracks and a place for you to stay, talk Ferrari and eat your favourite foods and drink your favourite drinks.

Here, the chances of ever owning your own Ferrari is small. When and if you ever get one it requires ridiculous amounts of money in maintenance, fuel, insurance and these days will attract mentally challenged individuals who will come back at 4am to scratch it.

There, you can build your own, drive your own, learn the history, talk to the experts and have unlimited time to do it and even join the team permanently if enough study and interest is shown.

This Centres of Excellence system has been rolled out across all 250 odd known planets on the information system.

I'm going to leave you with the thought about what will be eliminated if money was to be abolished. Heres some starters :

Think about how money makes sure individuals and large corporations have most of it and control most of us with it.

Effect of no money on crime, drugs etc.

Effect of no money on corruption.


You get the idea.


Using what we have learned from him we have started our own version of what would benefit our planet.

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We have been pushing our man to write about his 8 odd hours with this probe and have threatened him with various losses of privilages if he didn't write about it as taking this to the grave will not help anyone. So, as of 2014 there was a book out from our man called My UFO. You have to allow for the fact that he is not a writer and was reluctant to even talk about it, he has done a good job with the help of a number of other Project X Associates.

ISBN-10: 1499392281