Project X. Photo Service.

Project No. PX0002.

A Part of the Project X Services group.

Due to the large number of photos generated by Project X we have found it more convenient to have this in house and using current equipment. Part of the Photo Service consists of developing a failsafe way of making sure every moment is captured and not lost. We scan in old photos, touch up and rework in Photoshop, make web friendly pictures, compile presentations, reduce pictures for our websites etc. Then we collect a copy of all photos from all cameras and devices and distribute a copy of the albums to other hard drives in the network and also on two archive discs based away from the H.Q. and each other. We can advise other P.X. personnel on what to do and even set this up for them. Currently this is only for our own people. There are several good websites where you can store photos too.

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