Project X. Multimedia Centre.

Project No. PX0008.

A Part of the Project X Services group.

In our bid to centralize some services this is now in the same section as the main computer and Photo Service. It handles all our video and sound related work. We record everything in High definition and onto hard disk directly. As an example we can place any record from 78, 33 or 45 onto our USB turntable and transfer the music to MP3 after removing all the crackle etc. Cassettes can be processed from a Nakamichi cassette deck plugged into the inputs on the USB record deck and noise removed by the programme. We can convert any video tape based video to any digital format using the computers. The idea is to be able to look at or hear anything we have ever done or music we have bought at the click of a mouse button and archive the original copies in the Storage Area.