Project X. M134 Minigun.

Project No. PX0021.

This is just a fun exercise included because there was so much interest in it.

It was someone mentioning how hard to get even a model of one that started the journey.

People have been intrigued by the Minigun for ages and when ToyTec in Japan released a limited edition model these were snapped up mainly in the Japanese market. These were not Airsoft but the barrels did spin on the pull of the trigger. Someone sent us a photo of the shop window of Den Trinity in Hong Kong. And on looking at their website, found it for sale. So we bought it and this is the pictorial history.

In the shop window.

Arrival from Hong Kong.

Everything packed in its own box.

Easy assembly.

One for sale in America at the same time for $4000.00c

At Beltring War and Peace show after mounts were made and addition of a PVS 2.

On the Landrover gun platform.

Side view.