Project X. Intelligence.

This section does not have a Project No. as it has been in the passworded section.

A Part of The X Project information network.

As the Spokesperson, I tabled an idea that is a bit radical for us and that is to make public a section of The X Project normally reserved for the 500 odd numbered personnel only. They will know The X Project is mandated not to act unless our Government has been taken over to the point where it is affecting the public. This was originally the Germans, then the Russians, the Chinese had a small part and lately, Islam and Russia again. We were to provide the resistance. The Late Sir Jeffrey Petersen set up most of the network as shown in the history section. The goal posts have moved to where, instead of an army coming across the channel where it has been proven we are unbeatable, infiltration has started. Islam is being blatant about it but also there is a financial presence where there are people so rich they can get anything they want arranged. It appears they are paying people off short term for their long term gains. This has been so successful that money, from the 70s to the present day, has been draining into the accounts of just a few families. You only have to play Monopoly a few times to know what happens. Now, it is not a war that we will fight but a battle to bring around realization of what is happening. We may all have not noticed that in the 70s we had a comfortable life and had savings and could afford a holiday and other luxuries even with only one person in the household working. This should have become even better but for the city whizzkids being taken on by large investors.

The X Project has a network of informants. In some institutions it has up to six persons feeding us information. The information was originally for us only and we were not allowed to act on it but compute it into a big picture to see what was really going on. So, after a rare six hour long meeting we decided to release the mechanisms in use and not the institution / individuals names. It was also decided to put this page on the public side of the password system.

Heres the mechanisms for how they have got us to where we are now.


Margaret Thatcher and her "Trickle Down" policy.

She produced this as an excuse because people in high places were chomping at the bit to live in England but pay no tax. These were then given tax breaks and we were told the money they spent in the U.K. would slowly "Trickle Down" to us. As one Chauffeur we know stated that when his boss was drunk he used to spill the beans on everything from Diana to Madeleine Mc Cann, the paedophile rings etc. He was constantly at the Houses of Parliament and posh events. He stated that he had been given a tax break of millions as he donated a good 10% of it back to the political party he supported. The Boss did buy himself lots of goodies. He had two boats, a house in Florida and a new Aston Martin. Not nearly as much as he had saved in tax. The money that was supposed to come to the UK and end up filtering down to us stayed in its offshore account as the Boss was still spending his tax break money. Other sources gave us another mechanism which works too. The person now living here and still spending his tax break invested in UK property where he would have huge office blocks built (money trickling down to through the builders spending their wages) and then were letting these at colossal rates. (No money coming down to us). To cut about a thousand entries to this subject into a summary, "Trickle Down" didn't happen.



This looked to the public as a good idea and the prestige of being a shareholder looked as if we were closing the gap with the Toffs. They tried everything to get us to buy shares even offering us savings schemes in our own companies etc. Unless you have a broker working for you all the time the Stock Exchange is working, you have no chance. The money was made by small buys and sells all day long. You may have done well from your shares but you had no control and it was one of those things where they warn you "Shares may go up or down". The Brokers (The City is full of these people) slowly nibbled away at this new income filling the big investors bank accounts.


Bank Crisis.

This was a desperate last ditch attempt to save the banks and maintain the investors cash. A Bank should borrow a pound, lend it out and get 1.10p back keeping 5p for their trouble and paying the investor the other 5p in interest. You should always have the means to pay all your investors back in times of trouble. The Banks, on realizing they could lend money that was not there, did so. This works OK until all the bank customers all want their money back. We all saw the queues outside The Northern Rock etc. The Government by this time had realized there could be a cascade of banks with no money, and all the banks were now telling the Government they were headed for the same situation, the Government gave Trillions of our tax money to the banks. Austerity followed and will never leave us according to our experts. The banks were restored back to how they were before to such an extent, their colossal bonuses were paid that year as if nothing happened. George Soros came out on top to the tune of literally Billions which originally came from our tax money. What the Government failed to tell us is that they gave permission for the banks to lend money they didn't have and after the bailout, stood there red faced knowing they couldn't ask for it back without offending their good friends. It didn't matter to them as they were well off anyway. We will be the ones paying for the Government and the banks incompetence.


What is happening now ?

The Banks could not now lend as they used to because the same thing would happen. As the saying goes " Capitalism is OK until you run out of other peoples money".

In order to make the cash they did have work for them they had to lend to sure things and with big interest. Loan Sharks. A lot of people in the UK can only now borrow from these people due to credit scores etc. The only thing left to get a hold of now was private houses owned by the population. To do this they have introduced "Equity Release". They give you a lump sum from a percentage value of your house and there are rules as to how this gets paid off. You can't just suddenly pay it off, it takes years. If you do not pay, the next year you then owe the original borrowed amount plus a years interest. You have to sell or die.

People are working 2 or 3 jobs, both members of a family work, most things are on credit like the family car and houses are rented with landlords taking huge rents. We have borrowed to our limits with some people paying off a the top bit of what they owe and then spending it again the next time they go shopping.

The Government has run out of things to tax and in a last attempt to balance the books, has cut spending on our services so severely that there is now real panic with the worst cases committing suicide. Many people have died as a result of cutbacks from disabled, to those told they have to work when they can't, not enough Police to get to crimes quickly enough, firefighters cut with the obvious results and the NHS .... do I have to go there.

The Government is slowly contracting out the NHS. You will not notice it has gone until the private companies, Virgin etc, start to charge you.


As you have seen, the austerity seems to only be for the population. Since it started, MPs pay has rocketed and they were told via the back door, to get the rest on expenses which seems to include second homes to rent out, money to do them up etc. Then theres the huge amounts spent on Parliament in a massive refurbishment along with a huge pay rise for Royalty and hundreds of millions to do up Buckingham Palace. The 200 odd Billion for Trident refurb for our Nuclear Deterrent could have waited.