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Subject for 2011 : Broken Britain.

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Comment by PX000281.

This person is our energy boffin.

1. U.K. fuel prices.

Did anyone hear the promise of cheap fuel after we had discovered North Sea Oil ? Did I hear a rumour that most of our oil is exported and is far superior to the stuff we buy in to make our own fuel ? Or is it the other way around ? Who is footing the bill for all this transport ? Am I to understand that in the U.K., a litre of fuel bought by us for £1.26p the government gets 80p ? So if my tank holds 70 litres and that costs me £88.20p the government gets £56 of my money ? That is a 64% tax. So if I do 30000 miles a year and my car is doing 300 miles per tankful, thats 100 tankfuls and the government gets £5600 of that ? That has got to be the biggest form of state sponsored robbery. Then they charge you car tax, charge you VAT on your insurance and VAT on your MOT. Remember : The top 1% of the population are sitting around big expensive tables bought with our tax money scheming on how to squeeze as much cash out of the lower 99% without us noticing. 56% of all business models go out of the window just on fuel prices alone. I know one man who had 3 deliveries a week and then distributed his wares about his sales area who has been shut down on fuel price alone ! Food prices go up automatically because of the increased delivery costs, nobody goes out unless they really have to, most people have knocked "going out for a drive" on the head.

2. Electricity prices.

When nuclear power was coming on line the government said it would not be worth metering ! So what has happened ? Why is there this vast charge ? Lets see what happens when the wind farms are up. I predict the electricity price will still go up. Remember : The Government gets VAT on electricity so most certainly will not do anything about it.

3. Solar energy.

Solar panels have been out for years now so why are there still very few about ? The Government did a good incentive scheme for people fitting the equipment but omitted to tell people how to do it ! Now theres a twist to the solar business. The double glazing type companies have got hold of it charging huge prices for installations. The Government are laughing all the way to the bank because they get more in VAT and are still getting the cash for electricity, oil and gas. Remember : MPs are allowed to buy shares in these companies so will be doing whats best for profits.

4. Gas prices.

Do these gas and oil fields belong to the people of the U.K. ? Once gas is flowing what cost is there ? Who is raking in the profits for what is essentially ours ? Why has the gas price not gone down with each gas field that comes online ?

What to do about all this ?

Just stop using it. Put on lots of clothes, open your fireplaces ( the government will soon do something about price if they see chimneys coming to life again ) get a horse ( not my suggestion ) the traffic chaos and crap in the roads will soon get action. The haulage boys seem to be reasonably quiet. I think they have turned chicken or have all gone out of business or will soon ! I keep hearing about people running cars on water by electrolysis but being paid to keep the technology to themselves. Can you imagine if we all could suddenly run our vehicles on water what would happen to the oil business and the Governments revenue. I will bet you would "meet with a Princess Diana style accident" before you even got there ! Our current solution is to purchase air source heat pump (E-Bay) and have the pump run by solar panels. This will cost you nothing after installation. It is like a big fridge mechanism which extracts heat from the outside air down to 0 degrees ! and blows out the hot air into the house or heats water for radiators. There is a much bigger compressor on these systems which will take more electricity than a fridge but not so much as cannot be run by solar panels. Linking in a wind turbine ensures power in bad weather too.

Coffin nail rating : 6


Comment by PX000867.


What a mess. Players with too much money and no brains to use it wisely, too greedy agents, escalating entry prices, huge policing bills, organized violence, match fixing, I could go on forever. What happened to the game ? Being ripped off for merchandise finally nailed the football coffin lid down for me. Players that have nothing to do with the area where the football team is supposed to have come from. Foreign players playing for another countries team. What is going on ? What is this M.K. Dons mess ? The team is originally from Wimbledon ! They play in Milton Keynes ! Is there any players from Wimbledon or Milton Keynes ? I bet not.

Coffin nail rating : 1


Comment by PX000621.

Music business.

Business being the operative word. A "Star" is now a pawn in a big organized money making machine. They do not have to sing well or even play an instrument. They are just the face used to front a money making racket where as long as people buy the recordings, will carry on. We all know we are being ripped off but carry on as if nothing happened. So what is the answer ? Get your recordings from the vast number of real lone artists on the internet and as soon as they sign a contract do not buy anything more from them. Ignore the hype and advertising. Make up your own mind and do not be taken in by them. You will be helping the victims who are squeezed until no more money can be made where they are then discarded to a life of a has been. Cut out the greedy bastards.

Coffin nail rating : 3


Comment by PX000498.

High street shopping.

Small specialist shops can no longer compare with the big chains because the taxation system is the same for all. Get the high streets open again by reducing the costs for one or two man operations and further reduce costs if they manufacture their own goods. Split the massive shops into small family run units. If you open a small shop you get business rates, the same VAT as a big multi-chain setup, the same income tax and the rest. It just is not worth the bother at the moment. The Government say its progress and they would because they are raking in the cash from the Chinese crap the multis are selling us. Failure is "designed in" to items now you haven't got a choice where you get your stuff from. Small manufacturers pride themselves in quality. Someone mentioned that the Government likes this system because the population becomes "manageable" as we slowly all become the same. I heard first hand a story about a tool company who was forced to sell tools to a chain store at cost just to keep the workers in work !

Coffin nail rating : 4


Another comment by PX000498.

The Fashion Industry.

Its great fun and should be left that way. No sane person would wear anything off a catwalk but we still love to watch it. Heres the problem. We all know that anything with a name on it costs more. The copies of these goods are getting incredibly hard to spot. Heres why : A well known company asks a Chinese agency to set up a factory in China and source all the machines, train the staff etc. The agency then quotes double the cost. Because this is still cheaper than anything in the west, it is accepted. Work starts quickly and 2 sites are bought about 10 miles from each other. 2 factories are built, 2 lots of machinery ordered, 2 lots of staff trained and double the materials ordered. One factory has the company logo on and the other might say something like "Baby milk". Exactly the same goods is now being produced at both factories. Also, an over zealous "Quality control" team are hard at work making sure that half the handbags or whatever are rejected and are shipped off to the other factory for "disposal". I know first hand where these end up because I have a sister-in-law who has 5 boutiques in Manila and does regular trips to China to get these copies. Copies of everything are sold in the far east and have even crept into the market places here in the west. I have seen many customs TV programmes where piles of Nike trainers have been burned. In the far east Governments turn a blind eye as they know full well that anyone in their population could not and would not pay $1000 for a Burberry handbag or $100 for a pair of trainers. The west has to pay again. What you can do : It is now possible to design your own clothes and put your own name on. Is this not better than wearing someone elses name and advertising them for free ? The tie dying craze of the 60s / 70s created a different shirt every time !

Coffin nail rating : 2


 Comment by PX000281.


It is a well known fact that it is possible to build a car that does not rust and where all parts are replaceable. Why are we still subjected to this inferior rubbish on offer ? Again, the Government will not act because a car that lasts forever will not generate cash and therefore tax. The petrol engine has been around for 100 years and the milk float has been around for almost the same time. Why hasn't the same amount of research gone into developing the electric motor. Is it the tax on fuel rearing its head again ? Is it the oil companies discouraging it ? Years ago I heard about electric cars doing over 100 mph and this test and that but still no change. Do I detect foul play ? If the national speed limit is 70 why does the Government allow companies to still produce cars doing over 200 mph ? Is it because if all cars were limited to 70 there would be no cash generated in speeding tickets. If you do 70 on a motorway you will be overtaken by 98% of all cars and about 4% of lorries and they are all over the speed limit on purpose and not by accident and yet if a gun owner makes one single mistake its prison but the car driver gets a £60 fine and a "don't do it again" pat on the back and yet the car deaths in the U.K. are hundreds of times that of gunshot wounds and thousands of times more than wounds from legally held guns ! The British motor industry is another complete cock up. Cars were allowed to be imported. It was a well known fact that they would be cheaper that ours because of the cheap labour and nobody did anything about it. The workers producing the imported cars are paid little and work many hours some even committing suicide on the spot ! Rolls Royce has hardly ever been a British company and in fact was owned by the Germans at one stage ! What was all that about ? M.P.s holding shares in V.W. perhaps ! Motorcycles ? Not even starting that discussion.

Coffin nail rating : 9


Comment by PX000853.

Stamp duty.

I have been subject to stamp duty on several occasions and the last time we paid over £10000. For what ? I was told by a Government official it goes to fund schools, hospitals and the like. Er, no it doesn't ! At least not in my area ! It more likely goes on asylum seekers benefits and houses and furniture and MPs benefits and houses, rent and furniture ! I would have moved at least 2 or 3 times more if it wasn't for stamp duty. I am making sure they do not get another penny out of me. The original excuse was that we were making money on our houses that was not earned. So why is it still there now ? Just another Government excuse.

Coffin nail rating : 10


Comment by PX000770.

National Health Service.

The mother af all failures. Too much red tape, employees half-hearted because of pay, drug companies charging too much, Government allowing "Private work" to go on to get cash in, allowing charities to run lots of outside research to save money, treating self-inflicted ailments free etc. I hear every now and then the cost of an operation. Lets just take one figure I heard of £30000. If the operation lasts 6 hours where is that money spent ? Is it electricity ? Is it the rent of the theatre ? Is it the staff pay ? Is it specialist items or expensive drugs used ? If you are looking through the window it is impossible to see where that money is going ! Well its not on nurses pay ! Has the surgeon broken lots of scalpels ? Is he charging hundreds of pounds an hour ? I hope not. Is it some prat behind a desk just plucking a figure out of his head knowing nobody will challenge it ? I would love to see a breakdown of expenditure for a single operation. I bet they are closely guarded secrets in case theres an outcry. It could be the drugs used. Drug companies say they are charging the cost of the research into the cost of the drugs but have you ever known a drug company suddenly announce that the cost has been reduced because the research has now been paid for ! It will never happen. They are too greedy. They have shareholders to appease and these will also be members of the Government or their families so you will see no action from them ! The Government are allowing private companies to charge huge amounts for surgery and treatment citing it as "giving the public a choice ! " Well actually the only people getting the choice are the rich ! More like saving the Government money. Are the waiting lists kept at artificially high levels to keep a constant stream of terminal patients giving up the queue and going elsewhere where they have to pay and most likely being operated on by the same person in the same operating theatre ? It's like paying to jump the queue ! Anyone know why the NHS still treats self-inflicted illnesses free ? Recently, it has come to light that the Government want the NHS to fail so they can sell it off. It looks like the bits already sold off are going to the rich again. Either MPs set up their own companies to"collect" these contracts or they are given to the rich. i.e. Richard Branson and Virgin Health who now get billions from the Government in payments.

Coffin nail rating : 3


Another comment by PX000770.


Can anyone shed any light on how these operate ? The biggest question is why do you still pay for treatment when it is supposed to be on the National Health ? Dentist greed ? Government can't afford to pay the full price ? In the far east you can have a filling done really well with white filling and using the latest American made technology and all for £5 and they do a really good job because they want to see you come back. In the U.K. they want you in and out as fast as possible, use the minimum amount of materials i.e. no numbing injection !! and charge the government the maximum amount. They are just not bothered if your teeth need polishing or re-aligning. This is now classed as "cosmetic" and has to be paid for which means only the well off can afford it. My wife was charged £25 for a cleaning session and they used a bit of abrasive paste on a rotating brush and it lasted 7 mins ! So where was the £25 spent ? Heres how it should go : Need teeth aligning in early years = braces, Signs of a hole coming = white filling, Signs a tooth needs replacing = Implant. Here ends the story.

Coffin nail rating : 3


Comment by PX000001.

Gun laws.

Gun laws are aimed at law abiding citizens. The criminals are unaffected by them. Yet when a criminal act occurs everyone flies off the handle and jumps about in a schoolyard frenzy. And rightly so. They have watched the films and T.V. programs, they have listened to the Sun newspaper and they want something done. Trouble is, when they realize they are being laughed at by the criminals they turn on the law abiding citizens. In the Government rush to be seen to be doing something and realizing they can't touch the criminals they make up some more rules to slap onto the law abiding citizens. The costs for the pistol ban are a 30 year Government secret. It is also stated on this site somewhere that not all the pistols were accounted for. So the stupid idiots who thought this one up have made criminals of all those people who managed to buck the system ! Is it true that more people get struck by lightning than die of gunshot wounds ? Is it true that people are being killed 4000 : 1 by cars than by gunshots. Is it true that a spouse is 400 : 1 times more likely to be killed by a family member with a knife from her own kitchen ? Is it true that to die by gunshot is number 198 down the list of ways to die ? The desk bound morons trying to appease their bosses couldn't possibly ban cars or kitchen knives as they use them !! They are not bothered about what other people like so it is easy to ban something they aren't bothered about or aren't into themselves. In the U.S. the people dying from their doctors misdiagnosing them to gunshots is 400000 : 1 ? Does anyone have this figure for the U.K. ? Has anyone in the Government really thought about what really kills people or are they just bothered about what voters think ? Heres a quick list of things you should be looking at that are statistically far more dangerous than guns and will kill you before the possibility of being shot: Cars, alcohol, doctors, cigarettes, boxing, car racing, being hit by a golf ball, licking a 50 year old stamp in a collection ( normally children finding their parents stamp collection), being struck by lightning, being a passenger in an aircraft ( Yes really! ) , crossing the road, working in your own kitchen, kitchen knives, ladders, anything related to horses, any drugs, peanuts, the staircase in your own house, pavements, the cold, fire, petrol, flu, drowning, fishing, motorcycling, cycling and the rest. The chances of a bank assistant being shot to dying on the journey to work runs into millions to one. Add the licensed gun owner to the equation and it becomes billions to one. Gun Control network is run by people who have lost someone to gun crime and are therefore biased so should not be listened to.

A comment by the mediator : This is another step toward the Government "Clone" where they want us all to be the same in this case by curbing minority activities. Also, they want CONTROL and a person owning a gun is a THREAT.

Coffin nail rating : 8


Comment by PX000215.


This is not what it used to be. The schools are a hotbed of disease distribution, cause traffic, produce "samey" culture where pupils learn exactly the same things, have to wear the same and have to follow trends in order to "fit in". I know several home-taught kids who are not only way ahead of their year at school but already know what they want to be, have never not found enough information on the internet to finish courses and above all are polite to their friends. Familiarity breeds contempt. This statement goes out the window with a home-taught child. Theres no pecking order, no bullies or their subduing and lifelong effects, no life risking on the way to school or abduction threat, their parents save a fortune, there is a reward scheme so work is never missed. If your child is gifted the system allows acceleration as opposed to being held back by the slowest child in the class. With 30 odd students in a class the chances of disruption are enormous and it has got to the stage where a class is split into two where the quiet ones are at the front and the ones who do not want to learn stay at the back. The downside of a home taught child is that one parent has to stay home. If you are at this moment saying that this is impossible then ask yourself a few questions. Are you really bothered about your childs education ? Are you being greedy with taking up a job that a household with no jobs at all might need ? Are you in too big a house that requires extra income ? How much would you save not taking the children to school ? Schools mass produce "robots". There is still individuality but by how much is it reduced ? They even want to wear the same fashions. There is now no excuse for learning at home. The dinosaur schools, colleges and universities are a thing of the past. How much is tuition costing, how long do you have to be away from home in damp accommodation eating Netto beans heated up on a radiator ! I used to visit Oxford University 30 odd years ago and I was thinking then that the place should have been a museum ! There were students prostituting themselves just to get enough money then let alone now. The squalid flats, the rusty bikes, the people carrying huge books, what the hell were they doing ? Apparently it still goes on and there has been no improvement. They still carry books. Have they not heard of the internet ? Who wants to hear a twat droning on in a lecture theatre ? There comes a time when "tradition" has to go out of the window ! We need a Monster Dinosaur Killer !! PX000002 told the story of one of his cousins. He did well at school, went to University, collected O and A levels as a hobby ! After 3 years of living in a shoebox, eating badly, spending his grant on alcohol etc he obtained his degree. Could he get a job ? No. So he went for PhD. To cut a very long story short he got this and by this time he was 28 ! Still no job. PX000002 was working not so far away and every time PX000002 got his wage slip he looked at the tax deduction and thought about the fact that he was paying for his cousin to sit up there free getting a PhD ! Well, all the tax money was wasted. The Physics with Chemistry PhD went on the wall as a picture while he trained to be an ACCOUNTANT !! Naturally, he got a job with a government department because they need lots of these to squeeze the population for every penny they can get.

Update : If you were to film a single schoolboy or girl for a week and time them on several things : From when they leave the house to when they get home. Then time all the points in the day that they are actually working. Take away any time spent while the class was being brought under control and time spent being distracted by talking or someone doing something silly etc. You end up with less than an hour of actual concentrated work which could be done at home.

Update : A sinister side of sending everyone to school, teaching them what the government want you to learn and creating "Clones" is so that we are easier to control.

Update : Now a student has to take out a loan to get tuition ! They are up to 40000.00p in debt when they leave for a job ! So, the money they earn does not now go to being spent and circulated in the economy but to Rothschild and the banks they control.

Coffin nail rating : 7


Comment by PX000853.

The Royal Family.

Well it puts us on the planet. All around the world every little girl loves a Princess story. I think it is great. What isn't great is that we still pay for it ! Despite all the stately property open to the public, the businesses run by some royals, the books, newspaper interviews and like revenue. Surely they can now fund themselves ? O.K. I can hear you saying that they are working every day and do openings etc. But if they charged an appearance fee to every office they opened then that should cover everything ! Does anyone have a figure for what we pay them to go to nightclubs and on ski holidays etc. ? Who pays for them to fall out of joints at 4 in the morning after having paid £1000 for a table and £9000 for a bottle of champagne ? Adultery ? Lets not go there ! When I see a royal now I instantly get a vision of Prince Philip with his revengeful Greek blood coursing through his veins, on the phone to MI6 saying "Stop that woman !! Shes going with a Muslim just to get at us"!! Poor old Diana. Her "accident" was the modern day equivalent of "off with her head!!". They think the British Public are too thick to realize. Wills and Kate. Theres a breath of fresh air. Already they have saved us money by reusing Dianas ring (recycling) and are going for a "slimmed down" wedding. I imagine the reappearance of Dianas ring should remind the Royal Family of what they have done quite nicely and freshen up those wounds with a quick twist of the daggers which are still firmly in all their sides. I have my fingers crossed that the Queen bypasses her right Charlie and his Horse faced adulteress ( does anyone else get the squirming feeling when you see those two together ? ) and crowns Wills. It would be a good comeuppance for all the adultery that indirectly caused the death of Diana who if the whole Royal Family died tomorrow would still not get the turnout at the funeral that Di did. I have heard it said that if anything happened to the Queen and Wills ( God forbid ) we only have the shit left. We had a vote on the best Royal event ever. Here is the winner. One day when Prince Philip ( of German decent ) was visiting Elizabeth as a Princess where he walked into a room where the Queen Mother was standing and she was heard to mutter "Look out ! Here comes The Hun !".

Update : The tax payer has just forked out to have Buckingham Palace refurbished ON TOP of the refurbishment of The Houses of Parliament. Also, the royals salaries doubled along with a massive rise for MPs. This was all paid for by US and by giving a very low wage increase to the public sector workers pretending AUSTERITY which we all came to realise was fake.

Coffin nail rating : 7


Comment by PX000261.

By our finance person.


Are alarm bells still ringing ? Is the Government ignoring them ? Have the banks got barbed wire wrapped around the Governments testicles ? I think they have. OK they have made a half hearted attempt at getting our money back but there are too many bank shareholders among the MPs and their friends and families to do too much. They plunge us into recession, take billions out of our tax funds in a bailout ( thought to be TWO TRILLION! ), then do not lend any of it back to us hanging on to it and when they think we have not remembered what they did ( "Idiot Sheep Syndrome" where people in high places automatically think the general public cannot possibly know what is going on because they are of inferior intelligence. ) then pay it to their employees as a bonus and as a 55% pay rise ! I would go as far as to say there must have been large "gagging" backhanders. Remember : When scams get exposed there is usually the rest of the iceberg unexposed !

What can you do ? Take any unused money out of the banking system. Avoid using banks at all for anything. Buy items that will go up in price like antiques that you can look at and will probably increase in price a lot more than a savings plan. Buy these items from private sellers and pay cash so no one else benefits from your transaction. E-Bay is a no no as they are charging vast fees at the moment. Cash in ISAs and shares. Stuff these buggers up where it hurts. Do not buy anything that benefits a bank like gold or shares. Do not go overdrawn. It is possible to use a credit card as an account. Interest rate is rubbish anyway so spend your savings or store it in the mattress ! Hit 'em where it hurts. Banking personnel who take a wage rise over the national inflation level and take a bonus should have a sticker placed in the window of their houses and be put on a register and should have segregated transport and be banned from town centres etc. Its legalized tax fraud really and all ill gotten gains should be confiscated and returned to state coffers. That idiot bank Chief Executive that was questioned by Government officials is still getting £8,000,000 bonus on top of his salary !! Well it is not for performance this time. Many normal persons income tax went into getting him that bonus. No wonder they are not lending it to us when why not just share it between the executives. Remember : as long as you stay in the black and do not have any loans etc the bank get the minimum out of you. Only leave working cash in the bank, take out all savings. If you are a banker and you have received a bonus, that money will be cursed and from that day you will be able to visibly catalogue the daily events that go against you especially when you think of all the businesses that went bust, all the people who lost cash on shares, all the people not able to move house, all the unemployed people, the suicides etc. caused by you. Where is the cash the Government gave you ?

Coffin nail rating : 8


Comment by PX000652.


Another dinosaur. How much longer is this T.V. Licence rubbish going to go on for ? Roll on T.V. on demand. Soon your T.V. will be linked to the computer or even be in the same box. You will have a Youtube style setup where you can watch any program at any time but will be charged a few pence for it if it isn't free. We do something like this now with a satellite box. We record everything of any interest and only watch recorded programmes. We have created our own T.V. on demand. This allows you to watch something when it suits you and fast forward through the adverts. We very rarely watch BBC stuff and do not like paying for something you do not use. Democracy is choice and being forced to pay for something you do not want just to hold a piece of equipment is a leftover from Nazi Germany. If the Government charged you a Fridge tax ( not trying to give them ideas ! ) for storing crocodile meat but you never ate it what would you do ?

Coffin nail rating : 5


Comment by PX000566.


I have lost track of tax on drink. But I can guarantee it is so big the Government can't survive without it. I don't bother buying drink now. Its over £2 for a pint of ale which is 98% water. Water costs a fortune when you are out too. Did someone say that the thickener in milkshakes is seaweed ? French wine has been exposed as being tampered with to make it taste better. Some of the ingredients are banned in some countries and even cause cancer !! Some liqueurs are water and grain alcohol with colours and flavours added and made in a lab. Alcoholism is a great burden on the NHS but some would say is paid for by the tax on drink. The biggest cost of drinking is on the streets at turning out time. We who sit at home are paying for this Policing in our Council taxes and it takes Police away from other work. The drinkers say they are paying for the Police in their tax on booze and are probably paying for all the resultant treatment in the hospitals after but the long term effect of violence on normal pub and club goers and the wives and children at home are the real victims.

Coffin nail rating : 4


Comment by PX000473.


Did anyone feel a bit of England vanish when Concorde was taken from us ? Most people we talked to thought so. A British airways marked Concorde always took your breath away at Heathrow whenever I saw it. A while ago before terror threats and high security I used to sit at the end of the runway at Heathrow and by far the biggest demonstration of power and noise was when Concorde lit up the four Olympus engines and added 20% on the afterburners and streaked off down the runway burning 1.7 gallons of fuel a second. The test pilots did barrel rolls in it. America showed its jealousy in the only way America knows how, to ban it due to noise. Now if you were on the board of directors at BA and someone came up with the idea to scrap Concorde you would think all the other directors should have taken it in turns to kick him in the nuts. I'm sure the Police would have turned a blind eye too. It is a national treasure. What were they on ? Drink maybe but i'm sure drugs had a part in it too. Just because BA was privatized doesn't mean you can do what you like and destroy our heritage ! Ah! lets knock down the Tower of London and build slums, lets melt down the crown jewels and make fishing weights, lets take on the Euro, lets rehouse all the Chelsea Pensioners in Council accommodation. You just do not do it. If you are given something to look after you do not flush it down the plughole. Rod Eddington was the Chief Executive at the time. If you see him do not let him forget that he destroyed a part of England. I'm sure he is dogged with it and will take it to his death bed. This is the first feeling I have had that the "Free world" might be getting too free. Privatization is all well and good but to leave the fate of an English Icon in the hands of a few drunks makes you sit up and listen. If it had been a Government run company they would have found the money elsewhere. Even the tax payer would have agreed to it being saved ! A quick financial calculation done by Project X researcher says that if 1p had been added to each ticket sold it would have paid for them to stay in the air and reopen the Concorde 2 programme. But when you are completely pissed on £500 bottles of whiskey and your appointment with your callgirl is approaching you do not think of it.

Coffin nail rating : 8


Another comment by PX000473.

Top of the Pops.

Another prime example of idiots in charge. Apparently, Andy Peters was in charge of Top of the Pops when it was axed. I had trouble believing this but was soon more relaxed when I saw the look on his face when he said " People probably remember me for axing Top of the Pops." His face said it all. He will suffer forever. The BBCs high standing went out of the window that day. People started to shout for the T.V. licence to be axed, I even know people who to this day still will not watch or listen to anything BBC. They will go down in history as being another hand on the hammer driving the coffin nails through the hearts of the British people. In 17 years time when 51% of the British citizens are Islamic and we are under Sharia law I will go to watch the parts be cut off anyone who dares even mention a step in the wrong direction.

Coffin nail rating : 4


Comment by PX000446.

The Commonwealth.

Do we still pay these countries money or do they pay us ? The countries seem to all be running themselves now and most are peaceful. Except the madman Mugabe. He has taunted us to get praise from the other African nations, he has allowed the deaths of white farmers which to the rest of the world is racist, hes created "veterans" who who have never fought in a war and sit just outside a "white" farm taunting the owners and waiting to take over, when they do take over they have no idea what they are doing and the land goes to waste. Mugabe still goes to the Commonwealth meetings and chats like nothing has happened. The British however, have not lifted a finger. Why is this ? Because theres no oil !! Zimbabwe does not give us anything so its not worth rocking the boat. Apparently theres a Gorilla at London Zoo that is better looking and more intelligent than Mugabe !

Mediators comment : There may be the odd ruffle but England is the first and only country to build an Empire and then give it back slowly rather than it be taken from us. It does not do us any favours though as there is a huge underlying jealousy for our success. On the decline it is, so get used to it. The next big thing is Islam. If you thought blood was shed building this empire then wait for Islam because even adding in the two wars, you have seen nothing yet.

Coffin nail rating : 6


Comment by PX000311.

A prediction for the future.

I have just read the comments above and have to say something about what might happen in the future. We all know about Islam and that 99% of Muslims are completely peaceful and are happy to live alongside any other nationality. I will come to this 99% later. The 1% is a problem. The U.K. had its first Muslim MP not so long ago and some predict that 51% of the population will be Islamic within 17 years. 25% of all children under five are currently ethnic. This then affects voting where you will get what we saw with Obama where every non-political person who was not white realized that it was possible for a non-white to become President, they all suddenly appeared at the voting stands ! As it is, The President seems to be doing a good job with what he was left with. The TV showed people sobbing and going on about how they thought they would never see a black President etc. Policy and running the country went out the window. As we have seen in the Far East the average Muslim is manipulated very easily by the radicals to the point where they let their kids play at being a suicide bomber etc. Young men are led to believe they will be blessed with however many virgins in paradise if they die fighting the Infidel ( westerners) and so it goes on. Things that are helping them are the tightening of gun laws so that in 17 years time we will be unable to defend ourselves, the lack of recruits for the forces and this stems from the poor turnout in the Cadet units ( the one near here has 3 cadets!), the fact that we tolerate their "free speech" so they can say what they want and fill others with their ideas, free housing and healthcare allowing easy settling along with free money which allows them to have free time to spread the word, the allowing of grouping in certain areas which has led to us seeing radicals on TV announcing Muslim areas as a no go areas for Police, the honour killings of women, clearing of grave stones in a churchyard to make way for a mosque, it is endless. We are the "Kaffa" like it or not. We will not see an Islamic army waiting on the French shores. The English Channel will not save us this time. The takeover will be from the inside out. I have lots of Muslim friends and I have not met one that can say they will fight an Islamic army on the beaches. I predict that when there are enough Islamic people running the country we will see a rapid transformation. The 1% with guns will not meet any resistance from the other 99% because it is a natural human response to favour a religion that you are a part of. This will lead to full Sharia law and then the belittling of all white people and eventually we will be wiped out altogether. What goes around, comes around.

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Dating websites.

Beware ! A document obtained by myself on the formation of a dating website taken from a moneymaking "think tank" based in China. Here is the extremely shortened version. Obtain an office fitted out as a callcentre, employ staff including a few website designers, some speaking English and a few researchers. Build website or use existing templates, instruct researchers to locate and download photos of women. It goes into great detail here where these should be acquired from. Model agencies that are not well known and even Facebook ! You only need a set of photos as no other details are required. Give the girl in the photos a new name and a western first name and a place of origin and a story. Make up ages, weights , heights etc. The allocated telephonist, when not on the phone, can make up a convincing story for each woman. Place these on the website. When interest is taken on a particular woman allocate the woman to an English speaking telephonist. Money can be taken for translation fees, minutes on the phone etc. using a prepaid points system. Prepaid points system also allows for the money side of things to be handled in another country. Gifts and flowers can be bought for the woman which do not need to exist because the telephonist just says she received them and thank you ! Interlace these with genuine women. If a customer shows interest enough to want to see a woman from a fake profile, the telephonist e-mails the bad news that she has decided on someone else. Any genuine women who are married due to the site are placed in a "success story" section of the website. Comments and letters of thanks can all be manufactured by office staff in slower parts of the day or week. The document had amazing detail for instance if a customer rang his selected woman, this procedure is followed. The clerk says she will ring the woman but actually looks on the computer for the extension of the clerk allocated to talk to the customer and rings her extension. If she was off that day the clerk just says she was not in. This sounds to the customer like the lady has been rung and is now on the line. The call goes ahead with all three persons with the third person acting as the lady. On the computer is the detailed history of the customers activity i.e. if gifts were given a thank you is given although the gift never existed, and if a certain clerk was used in a previous call she will be made the allocated clerk for the same customers. Money can be made from the selling of phone credits which can be more than the cost of the call and deals with the phone company can also be made to reduce costs. Cash from gifts and the chat windows where credits are also used up. And so on. PX 000002 authorized research time for this subject and it was found that even the oldest established websites and even the Russian ones appeared to have much prettier women on and none that looked like they had been in natural poses at home or the like. All seemed to have photographic type backgrounds in the pictures etc. The credit points system can be run from a separate office making the money side of things extremely simple and in some cases automatic. The customer is made to spend quite a bit before the office allows access to an address for his chosen lady.

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The Voting System.

Actual voting no longer works. We saw with Obama in the U.S. that people who completely ignored the voting system before hand suddenly became a voter because the Presidential Candidate was black. If two Candidates are up against each other and one is from a small town and one a big city it is obvious that the big city Candidate will get all the votes. It is now really obvious that very few people vote for policy if they vote at all. A person voting in a small village pretty well knows that whoever he or she votes for it will not make any difference to them. All plans made by a govt. in power are not longer than 5 years as there is a good chance they might not be in power anyway. We have a group working on this problem and will update whenever any ideas are formed. M.P.s in the U.K. seem to spend more time on their election campaigns than actually governing and when they are passing acts of parliament it is to appease voters. In the U.S. the problem is 10 times worse.

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Greece bailout.

Greece has just ordered 400 M1A1 Abrams tanks ! That is where your tax bailout money went. Apparently, there was a load of other stuff ordered too. The U.S. aren't bothered because its jobs for them and stuffs up Europe so they become stronger.

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The Holocaust.

I was in Russia not so long ago and was at a Museum talking to the curator when I mentioned the Holocaust. He got very agitated and mentioned in no uncertain terms that 20 million Russians died in the same period and they died putting up a fight.

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As we have probably worked out, the UK is in a financial crisis. Project X does not agree with or normally use money so I have had central admin pass a group of aquaintances savvy on UK Finance to have their own section here ...