Project X. Collections.

Project No. PX0023.

The Project X Collections grouped under one Project number thus providing extra project spaces for future use.

Incorporates the following collections :

1. Keys. (Any old keys. Bigger the better.) (Originally project 49.)

2. Telephones. (Originally project 64.)

3. Computers. (Originally project 40.)

4. Webley pistols.

5. Military Die Cast toys.

6. Old air rifles.

7. GPMG (And all associated equipment.)

8. Synthesizers. (In keyboard and 19" rack configurations.)

9. Beretta firearms. (Old pistols to modern shotguns.)

10. Guitars. (Gibson, Fender and anything interesting.)

11. Enfield SA80/LSW. (And all associated equipment.)

12. Browning firearms. (Old pistols to modern shotguns.)

13. Firsts. (First MP3 player, mobile etc.)

14. Executive toys. (Originally project 26.)

15. Radios. (WWII, modern, gadget etc.)

16. Military webbing.

17. Weapons manuals.

18. WWII German weapons. (And all associated equipment.)

19. Projectiles. (Missiles, mortar bombs, shells etc.)

20. Maps.

21. M16/AR15. (And all associated equipment.)

22. Sterling SMG. (And all associated equipment.)

23. Sten SMG. (And all associated equipment.)

24. Model airplane engines.

25. Old woodworking tools.

26. Weapon Sights. ( Any sights or optics and night sights or laser aiming devices.)

27. AK 47s and associated equipment.